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three pairs of lovers with space




Readers can contact the editors of the website by writing to greek.love.tta@gmail.com.  We would be especially delighted to hear from anyone who knows of little-known sources for the history of Greek love. Anybody who wishes to contribute anything more substantial, such as a book review or historical article would be most welcome.

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Your information, insights or questions about any particular aspect of Greek love history or literature can also be posted as a comment on whatever webpage is most relevant, so that anyone can read, appreciate or reply to them. If your comment is a general one about the website, it will appear on the homepage. If it is about Greek love in general, it will appear either there or on General Issues. Otherwise, please put in the subject line of your e-mail the title or url of the webpage on which you would like your comment to appear.

When writing to us, you can specify whether your message is intended for posting as a comment or not, and your wishes will be observed. Otherwise, posting it will be at the editors' discretion.

Your e-mail address will never be included in a posted comment unless you emphatically request that.