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three pairs of lovers with space



being Chapter 12 of The Memoirs of a Voluptuary (Paris, 1905)


Charlie and the three friends who share his dormitory have just arrived back at school after the long summer holidays:

When we gained the dormitory, we showed considerable interest in surveying one another's appearance after our long separation. The intervening weeks since we had parted had added a modicum of development to our persons; indeed, Bob's member seemed to me to be a good deal larger than before, while Jimmy's had also perceptibly grown. On their part, they pronounced a similar opinion upon Gaston and myself.

"I've got some hairs coming; nearly as many as Blackie!" cried Jimmy, with much pride, as he offered himself to view.

We looked, and laughed at the gross exaggeration; but certainly there were some faint traces of an incipient papillary growth on his middle regions. He affected to be annoyed as we smilingly refused to recognise his claims, but he could not keep up the pretence for long, and said, "Well, of course, Blackie has more than me, I know; but, still, you can see for yourselves that mine are growing all right."

"Come here, Charlie!" said Bob, presently. "I'm dying to feel your hand on me again. It seems ages since we were last together like this." I had no objection, and advanced to where he lay on the bed. Taking his cock in my fist, I drew down the skin, and moistened the top with my tongue, lingering over the operation, which came with a pleasing freshness to me, not having seen and touched Rutherford's member for so long. At length I started to rub it sharply.

"Oh!" cried Bob, making a sudden gesture; "look out! I'm sorry, Charlie, but you were pulling my hair, and it hurt rather. That's all right now. Go on!"

As I continued, I watched as keenly as ever the sight of the swelling purple head, as it was covered and uncovered by the movements of my hand and it fascinated me just as much as it had done on the very first occasion when I had devoted myself to a similar task with Rutherford.

He was enjoying it, too, and gazed at me with a smile as I went on with the work.

"You haven't forgotten how to do it since you have been away," he said; "but I dare say you have been practising with Blackie pretty often, haven't you?"

I laughed, and replied, "Well, of course, we had to keep ourselves up to the mark, you know."

He was soon taken up too much by his feelings to indulge in any further conversation, and had no thought for anything but the delight I was giving him. In a few minutes he signified that he was about to discharge, and I quickly covered his cock with my mouth, just in time to receive an abundant flow of warm, creamy juice.

"Now it is your turn," he said, and I took the place which he vacated, gladly suffering him to allay my voluptuous desires. Blackie and the duke were similarly engaged, and we did not get into our beds until all had received a taste of blissful joy.

I do not intend to say much about the events of this term, and can only state that it was not less pleasant to me than the one preceding it.

There were not many changes among the pupils. Two new juniors had come in, but with these we had no concern. Davenport had left, and there were few regrets expressed at that. Lacy still remained, and we kept up our friendliness with him.

Jimmy and I were taking a bath together one day, and while we were doing so, Lacy joined us. "Keep your eyes open, you chaps!" he said to us; "Mr. Ferguson will be having a peep in a minute - he saw me come in," and he winked at us. Sure enough, a little later the door opened and Ferguson's head appeared in the opening. When he saw that Lacy was not alone, however, he merely said a few words and retired. We had the best of him on that occasion, for the three of us had a jolly time, following it up until we had spent all round.

Before the close of term, Jimmy wrote to Lord Henry Wilmot, and received in reply an invitation for the whole four of us to spend the Christmas vacation with him at his place in Northumberland, Hebworth Castle. I obtained the desired permission from my father, and it was arranged that, as soon as the term was over, I should proceed to Lord Henry's. At the last moment, however, both Bob and the duke were asked by their people to spend Christmas Day and Boxing Day at home, while Jimmy's mother also particularly wished de Beaupré to come to her, too. I found myself rather awkwardly placed, as I did not want to go home. Rutherford said I could come with him, and sent a telegram to Lord Henry, explaining the situation; He wired back asking if I could not come by myself, as he should like someone of us to go to him, he being quite alone.

"Why don't you go, Charlie?" said Bob. "That would settle everything nicely. You won't have long to wait for us, and I know my cousin will make you feel at home. It seems a shame that he should be kept all by himself waiting for us."

Thus urged, I agreed to the proposal, and acquainted Lord Henry of my decision. He sent a further telegram, asking me to let him know the train I should come by, which I did; so, to cut matters short, I may say that I started alone on the long journey to the North, having impressed upon my friends that they must join me as soon as possible.

At the Railway Station. An engraving of 1890

It was late and quite dark when I reached the little station where I was to alight, and I did not feel in very good spirits after the prolonged and chilly journey. A tall man, muffled up in a thick overcoat and with a tweed cap pulled well down on his head, stood on the platform, and as, I got out he came towards me, saying, "Master Powerscourt I presume?" I replied in the affirmative, and he held out his hand, exclaiming, "How do you do? I am very pleased to meet you. Although we have not seen each other before, I seem to know you quite well, after all that my cousin Bob and that young scamp Jimmy have told me about you. But I mustn't keep you waiting here in the cold. Come along!" A closed carriage stood ready for us, and we set out on a long drive.

The darkness did not permit me to see much of where we were going, but I noticed that we passed between hedgerows and across open moorlands, the country all about seeming to be quite uninhabited. My companion did his best to enliven the way with genial talk, but I was cold, and, moreover, felt a little bashful in his presence, so that I am afraid my society did not afford him very much satisfaction.

At length we stopped at a battlemented gateway, with tall and ponderous doors, which were presently opened for us and closed and barred after we had gone through. Our way then led along a drive, between tall, overhanging trees, and we finally pulled up at a deeply recessed Norman porch. As the carriage stopped, the door was flung open, letting a flood of light upon the scene. We stepped out and made our way to the door, the tall towers and buttresses of the castle looming hugely before us in the uncertain dimness of the night. As soon as we had entered, a gigantic negro carefully closed the door after us, and we proceeded up a steep, stone staircase, lighted by tiny, grated windows, which led to a lofty and spacious vestibule with groined roof and pavement of stone flags, all in good repair, but quite bare of furniture.

However, when we had gone through a pair of double doors, the scene changed, and I found myself in a tall-ceilinged corridor, wainscoted and floored with oak, thickly carpeted, and lighted by foliated casements of painted glass, with antique benches and armoires, horns and skins, and stands of armour and weapons here and there.

Passing along this, the negro went on ahead, and drew aside a curtain at the further end, which gave us access to a large and brilliantly lighted saloon or hall, where the walls were hung with exquisite productions of Eastern looms, and the floor was spread with splendid specimens of tiger and other skins, while on every hand were to be seen masterpieces of art from the far Orient, in the shape of wonderful carved and lacquered cabinets, sculptured and inlaid tables and chairs, marvellous porcelains and bronzes, and countless other similar objects.

Welcome to Hebworth!" exclaimed Lord Henry, flinging of his cap and coat; and now that he had removed these and was in the light, I was able to take stock of him. He was, as I have already said, tall, and had an Apollo-like figure, broad-shouldered and slim-waisted. He was under thirty, I fancied, and the absence of a moustache gave him a still more youthful appearance. His face was a handsome one, with clear-cut features, hair of the deepest brown, almost black; and eyes that had a peculiar intensity of expression in them. The sensuous lines round the lips betokened the aesthete and the voluptuary; but withal, there was a nobleness about the forehead, and a look of kindly sympathy in the long-lashed hazel eyes, that showed his nature to be altogether foreign to the cruel callousness of the genuine roué.

"You must be tired and hungry after your long journey, Charlie," he said presently. "Go and have a wash. That will refresh you, and in the meantime I will have something got ready for you to eat; Peter will show you the way."

The negro conducted me to a dressing-room, where I freed myself from the stains of travel, and when I had done so I returned to the saloon.

Lord Henry was awaiting my appearance, and at once conducted me to a room nearby. Eastern tapestries and carpets, furs, carved furniture and quaint ornaments also entered into the appointments of this chamber, and a table near the hearth was laid with an appetising meal. Lord Henry bade me sit down to this, and I was able to do full justice to it; but all the while I was conscious that my host was regarding me with a very intent gaze.

When I had finished, the table was cleared by Peter, assisted by another negro, equally as gigantic. Lord Henry saw me observing them, and when they had gone out and closed die door, he said, "they are two very good fellows indeed, and devoted to me. I picked them up in South Africa a year or two ago, and they have been with me ever since. I have christened them Peter and Paul, as their native names are too cumbersome for ordinary use."

We were left to ourselves now, and my companion bent his shining eyes in a strange way upon me. The effect was half-hypnotic, and made me feel just a little uncomfortable, so that I was only able to answer in monosyllables, or in the shortest possible sentences, the questions that were put to me.

A little while passed in silence, and then Lord Henry, who had been gazing for a brief space into the fire, which glowed brightly in the broad, low grate, turned and beckoned me to him.

"You are very friendly with my two young relatives, Charlie, are you not? Both of them mentioned you in the warmest way in their letters, so I know the intimacy must be an exceedingly close one. They have doubtless often spoken to you of me, and have, I am sure, told you that I am extremely fond of boys, and like to see them in the utmost freedom possible. Now! Would it be too much to ask of you to reveal yourself to me in beauty unadorned?"

I flushed at the words, as their import dawned upon me, but under the commanding fire of his eyes I felt unable to refuse. As I did not speak he took my dumbness for consent, and said, "It is quite warm here. You can undress with perfect comfort."

I took the hint, and mechanically acted upon it, slowly unfastening my garments, while he sat with his chin on his hand, watching me with a steady glance. I did not especially like the idea, as, after all, he was an absolute stranger to me, but I was impelled by the subtle influence he exercised upon me to carry out his wish. With mute imperiousness he made me go on until I stood in utter nakedness before him. The crimson blood mantled my cheeks again, and my eyes dropped downcast, as Lord Henry, without moving from his seat, surveyed me critically and with a look of unfeigned admiration, while I seemed to feel the actual, contact of his sight, as his eyes roved over my body and limbs from head to foot in a minute and protracted examination. When he had sufficiently feasted his gaze upon my front, he bade me: turn round, so that he might wander with his burning vision over my back, keeping me thus, in perturbation of spirit, for several more minutes.

When he had finally satisfied himself with this, he rose, apologising for having troubled me, and thanking me in the most gracious terms.

Drawing up a large, broad couch near to the fireplace, he directed me to lie on this at full length, and, bending down, gave me a warm, wine-laced kiss, full on the lips.

He then went to a Japanese cabinet, from a cupboard in which he took out a book, and, giving it to me, bade me read it aloud to him. The singular request, combined with the peculiarity of my condition, created a feeling of reserve in my mind, but I could not well decline to do as I was asked, and, taking the book, I opened it at the beginning and began to read, while Lord Henry took his place on a low stool by the foot of the couch. The volume proved to be an erotic romance of the most lurid description, and ere I had got through the first few paragraphs, the whole situation so affected me that my face burned anew, and a shiver almost of compunction ran through me. A deep nervousness, hardly less than a terror, seized upon me, and the final touch to my distress and abasement was to follow, when my companion put out his hand and gently began to toy with my private parts, so that I stopped reading; closed the book and glanced with open-eyed dismay at him.

"Do, please, go on!" he said, with a winning smile, and a whole world of uncombatable persuasiveness in his dark eyes.

I felt thoroughly subdued, and continued with the reading of the book, while Lord Henry went on with the utmost nonchalance with the fingering of my genitals. This tried me sorely, the printed words seemed to swim before my eyes, and it was only by a deeply concentrated effort that I was able to proceed. When I recovered possession of myself somewhat I was conscious of another sensation, and a momentary glimpse showed me that Lord Henry was stooping over me, and had taken my cock in his mouth. Had it been Rutherford, or any other of my intimate friends, I should have experienced nothing but pleasure; but my acquaintance with my present host was hardly to be counted in more than minutes, so that my horrified wonder at his procedure as indescribable, and a shudder passed through my frame; but Lord Henry was either unconscious of this, or took no notice of it, for he went on with his self-imposed task with much apparent zest, drawing the foreskin back to its fullest extent, and sucking and rolling his tongue round the knob with voluptuous relish, varying this now and then by taking the whole member between his lips, or by licking my balls and thighs. My cock had up to the present been in its limpest state, but by degrees the shock wore off, the lubricity of the book began to interest me, a feeling of curiosity to know more of its contents grew upon me, infecting my body with the indefinable sensibilities of passionalism; while the blood grew warmer in my veins. This revivification communicated itself to my member, and it began to stiffen, at which sign Lord Henry coaxed it with his hands with the utmost persistence, until it enlarged and erected itself with more than usual firmness. As soon as this consummation had been attained, my companion again began caressing it with lips and tongue with greater avidity than ever, kissing and sucking and licking the distended knob with the utmost fervency, while with his hands he tickled and titillated my balls and thighs, and, pressing open my legs, pushed one finger into my bottom-hole. I was in a fever of mingled discomfort and excitement. My voice grew husky, the finger penetrated so far up my bottom, and worked about so much in those interior regions as to hurt me, while an occasional pressure of Lord Henry's teeth on the head of my cock, and the force with which he every now and then pressed back the prepuce, also caused me some little pain. Once more I stopped reading, but once again the gentle but inexorable voice and eyes bade me resume. The voluptuousness of the descriptions of the book, with their unbounded salaciousness, began to fascinate me, unbidden little thrills ran through my body, and my limbs twitched spasmodically, while my belly and posteriors wriggled and squirmed in spontaneous lasciviousness. This scene continued for some time, until my awakening lust conquered all other sensations. At length, a sudden glow of irresistible delight surged through me, giving promise of something yet more pleasurable to follow. My member throbbed and grew more stiff, sensible of which, my host applied himself to sucking it with still greater insistence, while his hands worked on my balls and in my bottom-hole with feverish quickness. The fires of voluptuousness flamed still fiercer in my veins, and my body writhed under the influence of this current of libidinousness.. My voice faltered, it seemed as if I could bear no more, and then the resistance within was forced aside. I felt a series of throbs and thrills of inconceivable yet almost agonising pleasure shoot through me, while my cock leaped with uncontrollable vehemence, and discharged its liquid in gushes from the end into the mouth of Lord Henry, who sucked with all his force, causing me an excruciating though exquisite rapture, so that it was beyond endurance; I could see no more to read, my head fell back nervelessly, I gasped and groaned, and my fingers clutched the book convulsively, almost tearing it. I strove to rise and free myself, but my companion with firm hands stayed my struggles, and did not cease from his labial operations, which threw me into a frenzy of emotional madness, until at last I could stand no more, and, bending down, dropping the book I held, I clutched wildly at Lord Henry's head. He looked up with an insinuating glance, and requested me to go on reading; so, feeling compelled to obey, I picked up the book again, and, forced to ignore the deep agitation which shook my frame, began again in as calm a tone as I could manage, all the time filled with a raging bodily irritation, which was all the more aggravated by my having to remain passive under it, while my cock ached and smarted and tingled beneath Lord Henry's tongue and lips, the flesh round the root palpitated, my balls hung down poignantly sensitive, and my intestines twisted in an interior travail. My soul seemed verily to shrink within me beneath all these symptoms, and I read on half in a dream. It was not until I had finished another two chapters that Lord Henry desisted from his attentions, at last got up, took away the book, which he replaced in the cabinet, and brought a warm dressing-gown, which he directed me to don.

When I had put this on, my host said it was time to retire, and conducted me to a very large bedroom, wainscoted with oak, and equipped with splendid specimens of massive, antique furniture, with an enormous, old-fashioned bed at one side. A huge fire blazed merrily in the capacious fireplace, and diffused a pleasant warmth  throughout the apartment.

I looked about for my night attire, but Lord Henry said I should not need it, and made me get into the large and luxurious bed quite nude..

I was not likely to be cold, however, as above the embroidered silk counterpane there was a thick down quilt, and a great coverlet of soft, warm fur over that.

It was evident that my host intended to sleep with me, for he began to disrobe, and when he had divested himself of everything; he, too, got into bed. Turning back the bedclothes, so that I was fully exposed, he next started to osculate me all over, kissing repeatedly and with the utmost fervency my breast, thighs, shoulders, neck, cheeks, arms and legs, sucking my toes, tickling my back, groin and belly with his tongue, licking my feet, hands and face, imprinting labial caresses all over me, and finding out all the most sensitive parts-under the arms, the nostrils, the ears; the soles of the feet, the palms of the hands, the throat and the inner part of the thighs-and lavishing unbounded philanderings on the smooth rotundity of my buttocks, kissing and mumbling them all over, licking the furrow; finally, pressing the cheeks apart so as to obtain better scope, he stretched open the bottom-hole with his fingers and inserted therein the tip of his tongue, making me squirm with the peculiar sensation thus created. When at last he had satisfied himself with all this, he put me flat on the bed and knelt over me the opposite way, so that his thighs came above my face.

Directing me to follow his example, he began to suck my cock again. I hesitated to do likewise, as this was the first time I had ever been engaged with a man in lewd practices, and I felt rather backward.

However, he repeated his wishes, so I somewhat gingerly took hold of his fiercely erect member and applied my lips to it. It seemed impossible that I could get it in my mouth, it was so large, but, after the first moment's repulsion, I quickly warmed to the work, and sucked and tickled it with my tongue as well as I knew how. Lord Henry, meanwhile, was doing his best to arouse my cock, which had lapsed into inertness, into new vigour, rubbing it with his hand, sucking the top, and working one finger smartly in and out of my bottom-hole; I, in return, caressed his balls and posteriors with my hands. My companion was raised to a considerable pitch of excitement, and the crisis was not long in approaching. I was a little apprehensive of this, but when it came he pressed his thighs and belly closer to my face, so as to prevent me from moving my head away, and in another minute my mouth was filled with a tremendous discharge of hot, thick cream, which shot down over my tongue and palate and throat, almost choking me, and which, of course, being in the position I was, I was forced to swallow.

But this only added to my own emotions. My member was beginning to rise to the occasion, but in a somewhat half-hearted way; when the last drop from Lord Henry's weapon had found its way into my mouth, my companion changed his position, and, kneeling down by the side of me, worked my cock up and down with his hand in a rapid manner, at the same time tickling my balls and bottom with his disengaged hand. The process proved rather protracted, but Lord Henry's energy was tireless, and at last attained its fruition. My member was sore and inflamed from its first effusion, and pained and smarted somewhat, particularly when now and then my companion gave it a little suck, while the continual pulling down of the skin as far as it would go hurt me a trifle, but I thought it useless to expostulate, and bore the operation in silence. Presently, the same glow of voluptuousness as before spread over me, the thrills of vital electricity once more went shooting through my frame, I heaved and writhed and clenched my hands together, my breath came in short gasps, and, as Lord Henry bent down and commenced to suck my cock with all his force, my whole consciousness was drowned in a flood of sensuality, my head fell back with upturned eyes, and I sank into a swoon brought on by the intolerable keenness of my physical sensations, prefacing this lapse of consciousness by a smothered groan and cry. When I came to, I found that Lord Henry had risen, and was regarding me with anxiety, but, on seeing that my senses had returned, he lay down beside me and drew the bedclothes over us both. Then he clasped me tightly to him, my breast against his, and fastening his mouth to mine, kissed me with all a lover's ardour, forcing my mouth open with his tongue, which he thrust inside against mine, making it stay there while our saliva mixed. He held me thus for a considerable time, and then he caused me to turn round; anon, lying close to me, he put his cock between my legs and commenced to work gently in a backwards and forwards movement, while with one hand he took hold of my member and softly moved it up and down, an action which caused me some unpleasantness, as it ached and was sore after its recent experiences, but I said nothing and schooled myself to bear it, being a little curious to ascertain how my companion would continue. This went on for a period, and then Lord Henry's movements became rather more brisk, until at last he emitted a copious outflow, which bathed my thighs in a warm fluid which he rubbed with his hand over my balls and cock and belly.

After this, I was permitted to compose myself for slumber, which I was not sorry for. Lord Henry did not seem greatly inclined for conversation, and, after a few sentences had passed between us, he recommended me to try and go to sleep. He did not attempt to prevent me, but, until the time I lost myself in oblivion, I felt my companion's hands caressing me unceasingly all over, but more particularly between the thighs, while ever and anon he imprinted kisses on my back and shoulders and the nape of my neck.

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