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three pairs of lovers with space



being the last two chapters of The Memoirs of a Voluptuary (Paris, 1905)

Hebworth Castle

I slept soundly, and did nor awake until the following morning, but when I did so it was to find that Lord Henry held one of my hands fondly in his, while with his remaining one he was playing with my cock.

As soon as he saw me open my eyes, he gave me an affectionate morning greeting, and asked if I had slept well. I replied that I had very well indeed. With the new day, I began to feel a warm friendship for my host; and the experiences of the preceding night softened themselves in my recollection, so that I upbraided myself, in thought, that I should have ever been nervous or frightened. There had been no occasion for it; as Lord Henry had uniformly exhibited the greatest kindness towards me, while, when I came to review the whole circumstances calmly, I saw that I need not have felt surprise, considering what Rutherford and the duke had told me about their relative, and the hints they had let fall concerning him. I determined, therefore, to take full advantage, from this time onward, of all that my present visit might have to offer me.

The fire still burned brightly, having evidently been tended during the hours that we slept. Shortly after I awakened, the door of the room opened, and two good-looking Japanese boys of about thirteen years of age, clad in richly embroidered kimonos, entered, bearing on silver trays a morning repast of rolls and cakes and hot-house fruit, with jugs of warm milk. These trays they placed on little tables either side of the bed, and then stood at attention, waiting until we might finish. "These are my two hostages from the Land of the Chrysanthemum," said Lord Henry. "They are a nice pair, are they not? Their names are Yakuri and Ko-San."

They smiled when their master spoke to them, and appeared to be on excellent terms with him. When we had done, they went away with the trays, and after this Lord Henry rose. I followed his example, and looked round for my clothes, but my host, divining my glance, directed me to put on the dressing-gown again, donning a similar garment himself. Before robing, however, I went to get the chamber-pot, but on seeing this, Lord Henry made me lie back, with head and body on the bed and feet on the floor; then, pressing my legs apart, he knelt down between them and, bidding me pass water, took my cock in his mouth.

The doings of the previous night had well-nigh taken away my capacity for amazement, and, anxious to relieve myself, I took him at his word, and poured forth a hot stream of urine. He swallowed the whole, and did not remove his lips until he had sucked off the last few drops that clung to the end of my member, taking a draught of milk afterwards to clear his palate.

After this, my host took me to the bathroom, which was a large apartment, furnished and decorated with considerable luxury. Here we found the two Japanese lads and also an English boy, rather younger, and very handsome, with clear, blue eyes and curling, golden hair. He wore slippers, and a kind of loose tunic of figured stuff, with flowing sleeves. Lord Henry patted him on the cheek, and said, "This is my little friend Jack. He has been with me quite a long time now, and is altogether devoted to my interests, I have taken care of him ever since his parents died."

It was no doubt owing to the lateness of the hour, that I had not see these boys the evening before. It was thus I mused as I looked at them and I was waiting for them to leave the room, so that I might bathe; but apparently they were in no hurry to go. Then it occurred to me that my host was about to ask me to bare myself before them all. The idea was not altogether pleasing, and the carmine entered my cheeks again.

"I think we might bathe now, Charlie," said Lord Henry, "then we can go and sit in the hall." I turned a last look at the three boys, and then glanced questioningly at my host, but he averted his eyes and directed his gaze at the trio, who, as if understanding the unspoken command, threw off their robes.

The two Japanese boys advanced to me, unfastened my dressing-gown and drew it off. I neither offered resistance nor made protest, only experiencing a degree of injured modesty at being thus exposed before them. However, the proceedings went on without regard to my feelings.

Jack fetched a large pot of soap, a dish of hot water, and a big brush, like an overgrown shaving-brush, and went oil to cover my body with thick layers of soapy lather, which Ko-san and Yakuri rubbed in with their hands. I stood on a perforated slab or kind of large, shallow basin, while this was going on, to allow the water which was poured over me to run away-as there was more than one application of the lather, each time it being washed off with hot water. At first I felt some humiliation at being manipulated in this way, for Yakuri and Ko-San held no part of my body sacred from their touch; and pulled about my arms and legs in all ways to suit their convenience, while Jack seemed to take an impish delight in paying particular attention with his soap-brush to my thighs and belly and posteriors, thrusting his instrument right into the furrow of my bottom, lifting up my cock while he lathered my balls, and generally acting in an abandoned way, laughing gleefully the while; but I could not help finally entering into the spirit of the thing, and joining in his mirth myself.

When I had been thoroughly washed and dried, Lord Henry, who had in the meantime performed his own ablutions, brought me a superb kimono of Japanese embroidered silk; lined with fur. Slippers edged with fur were placed on my feet. My host then begged me to accompany him to the hall. I rose to do so, but was rather startled to find that my robe had no fastenings. Apparently, I was not to be allowed even now effectually to hide my nakedness, but as I followed Lord Henry, I drew the voluminous folds of the garment around me, and held them together as best I could with my hands. We stood in the hall for a brief space, where we were joined by the three boys, who had resumed their clothing. Lord Henry said something to the young Japanese, which I did not catch, and they placed themselves casually one at each side of me. Presently the negroes entered, clad only in loose, closed tunics. They made a deep obeisance to their master who acknowledged it and addressed a few words to them in their native tongue, pointing to me as he did so. They turned to me and repeated their salute; at the same moment, Ko-San and Yakuri each seized one of my hands and led me forward a pace, whereupon my robe, being released, fell open, so that my nude body was exposed to the gaze of these black-skinned menials, causing a further trial to my sense of modesty.

Boy holding a vase by Sir Frederick Leighton

Lord Henry conducted me to a seat, and gave me a richly illustrated volume of travels to look at, while he also took up a book. We stayed here until the servants came to announce that the midday meal was ready. This was plentiful and of excellent character, the negroes serving, while the boys also waited in attendance. Afterwards, when the utensils had been taken away, but before the cloth was removed, Lord Henry said, "We must have a final course of sweets!" and he directed me to take off my robe. When I had done so, I was laid at full length on the table, my legs slightly raised, and my knees bent as far apart as possible. My host told me to remain in this position, and then, with a spoon, he smeared my cock and balls and the adjacent parts of my thighs and belly with a plentiful coating of a rich, thick, Oriental conserve.. This he applied himself to lick off with the greatest relish, not stopping until he had cleared away every particle with his tongue, and, indeed, keeping on after all had gone. Not content even then, he uncovered the head of my member, and put another large spoonful on this and all around the sides under the knob, also licking this off. And when this was over, and I expected to be at last released, more of the conserve was put on, and each of the three boys took a turn in sucking it off. I was then, however, allowed to resume my robe, and, as I did so, I said, "I have known that before. It is what is called the baton de sucre , is it not?"

Lord Henry smiled and replied, "That is certainly a very appropriate name, although I do not remember having heard it before. How did you get acquainted with it?"

I told him, and he listened with much interest, saying that he should get me to relate more of my adventures to him."

He gave me a volume from a bookshelf, and I ensconced myself in an easy-chair by the fire, while he himself sat down at a desk and began to write. My anticipations of a quiet time were not to be realised, however, for Jack placed himself on a huge cushion at my feet, and throwing my gown wide open, commenced to play with my cock and balls. I softly thrust him away, and pulled the edges of my robe together, but Lord Henry was observant and, shaking his finger at me, smilingly commanded me to occupy myself with my book and leave Jack to do as he liked; so I resigned myself to the inevitable, and let the boy handle my private parts as he listed, pulling and bending my cock this way and that, covering and uncovering the head, squeezing it with his hand, tickling my balls and stroking and caressing my thighs and belly and bottom. Once he started an up-and-down movement on my member, which was beginning to swell under his manual exercises but Lord Henry saw this and frowned disapproval, so Jack contented himself with less exciting caresses, varying his programme by rubbing and chafing my legs and feet, kissing and sucking my toes, insteps, soles, calves, thighs, genitals and belly, and otherwise putting into action all he could devise in the way of blandishments.

Lord Henry wrote for a considerable time, then, rising from the desk, he took a chair on the opposite side of the hearth to me. As he could see, my member was by this time standing up in a condition of excitation.

Calling Jack to him, he made him kneel on a hassock in front of his chair, and, opening his garment, presented his cock to him to suck which Jack did with much gusto. When the moment came for him to discharge, he held Jack's head between his hands, and told him not to swallow the liquid, but to keep it in his mouth. Jack did so, and Lord Henry brought him over to me ordering me to hold my head back, and open my mouth. I obeyed instinctively, and Lord Henry directed Jack to give me a kiss. This the boy did, and, putting his mouth against mine, he let Lord Henry's sperm, mingled with his own saliva, roll down my throat, assisting the operation with his tongue, and gluing his lips to mine, so that not a drop might escape.

"There!" said my host, with a laugh; "That is an equal distribution of pleasure, is it not? It reminds of one of the old proverbs about killing two birds with one stone."

Lord Henry then composed himself to smoke a Turkish nargileh, which occupied a fair period, during which Jack again amused himself in toying with my private parts.

Having finished smoking, Lord Henry opened his robe again, and asked me to come to him. Bidding me remove my garment, he made me sit on his lap with his cock between my legs, while he held my hands with one of his, and with the other stroked and smoothed my breast and belly. Then he caused Jack to kneel down in front; and take my cock between his lips, but would not allow him to suck it too strongly, making him remove his mouth at short intervals, and change the order of things by licking my balls and thighs, tickling my belly and bottom; and so on, as he was desirous not to make me come to a crisis, the arrival of which he feared from the way in which my cock stiffened, while, indeed, I was praying for the event, so greatly had my passions been aroused. This went on until it was plainly advisable, from the spontaneous contortions of my body, that a cessation should take place, so our mutual conjunction was broken.

A light repast of tea, cakes, fruit and honey was now brought by the Japanese boys. Before we commenced, Lord Henry said, "I know you like the baton de sucre, Charlie. Try it now; it will serve to remind you of your friends." Making Jack lie down, and covering his private parts with honey, he instructed me to lick it off, insisting upon my doing it thoroughly; and when I had finished, Lord Henry caused Jack to lie the reverse way, with his buttocks well thrust out, and applied another plentiful coating of honey to his bottom, smearing it thickly in the furrow and all round the fundament. This also I was requested to lick off. My task ended, there yet proved to be one more preliminary before eating. Lord Henry made me sit on a stool, and taking hold of my cock, which was still half-erect, he pressed back the prepuce and coated the knob and column with honey; then he presented the entremets to Jack to enjoy. The lad found the sweet so appetising, and sucked to such purpose, that Lord Henry had to pull away his head, lest he should bring about the result my host did not seem to wish for.

After tea, we repaired to the saloon, where the rest of the household also assembled. The first thing which happened was the fetching of a large bowl of rose-water by the negro, Paul, which he offered to us to dip our fingers in.

The two black men then stripped, and performed a little series of feats of strength and agility, displaying a tremendous power of muscle, finishing by catching up Jack, who had put off his garb, and throwing him from one to the other, balancing him on their hands and shoulders, and so on.

All this time, I was seated on a luxurious divan between Ko-San and Yakuri, who each held a hand of mine on one of theirs, and with the disengaged ones stroked and patted my body and played with my cock and balls.

When Jack had concluded his acrobatic performances, he made the negroes stand close together near me, facing each other, and taking their members in his hands, squeezed them and pulled them until they rose to the occasion in the full majesty of their tremendous proportions, when he deftly and briskly rubbed them up and down, till white jets of sperm spouted out, splashing over each the other's breast and belly, and bathing the youthful operator's hands, at which Jack seemed hugely delighted. When he had finished, he lifted his wet hands and the negroes licked them dry. Ko-San and Yakuri now, doffing their kimonos, gave a very spirited exhibition of wrestling, in which both proved themselves lithe and active, and neither had much advantage over the other. After a long bout, Ko-san lay underneath, with Yakuri over him in the opposite direction.. Ko-San seized his opponent round the loins, but, instead of continuing the combat, Yakuri took hold of the, others' cock and began to work it about Ko-San there upon did the same. Presently they rose and performed a lascivious Eastern dance, swaying their bodies, arms and limbs in a variety of voluptuous movements, making a sort of lewd pantomime, and touching, patting, titillating and pulling each other's private parts until their members were as stiff as bars. When they had wrought themselves up to a frenzy of excitement, they gave a cry, and Jack bounded forward. Ko-San stretched himself flat on the floor, and Jack knelt over him the reverse way, taking his cock in his mouth, tickling his balls with one hand, while with the other he pinched and fingered the Japanese lad's bottom, and thrust one finger into the hole, working it in and out with great energy. Ko-San clasped him round the body, and kissed and licked his belly, while Yakuri came up behind, and, pressing open the cheeks of Jack's posterior, licked the furrow and thoroughly lubricated the aperture with saliva, and then thrust in his cock and pushed forward until it was completely engulfed, and his belly rested against Jack's buttocks, when he commenced a vigorous backwards and forwards motion. All three wriggled and writhed for a time with voluptuous delight, in expectation of the coming joy. Ko-San was the first to reach the haven of bliss; his belly heaved heavily as he strove to thrust his cock further into Jack's mouth, his legs twisted together, his toes contracted, and then his limbs collapsed as he shot a discharge, which Jack swallowed as he felt it spurt into his mouth; but Jack did not relinquish the hold of his lips. Soon after, Yakuri's movements became shorter and more rapid, one or two slow, heavy lunges succeeded, and then he stopped, as his genital organ, which was as far in Jack's bottom as he could get it, delivered itself of its essence with throbbing pulsations. Yakuri let his cock soak for some moments in Jack's warm and now moist bottom-hole, and then withdrew it, whereupon Jack turned and took it between his lips, sucking all the moisture off it Ko-San now began to suck Jack's cock, which was very stiff by this time, and was an extremely fascinating member, although of modest proportions as yet, and quite innocent of hirsute adornment.

Yakuri changed his position slightly, brought his face against Jack's bottom, held open the dividing furrow, and stretching apart the pink orifice, thrust in his tongue as far as possible, working it about in the interior with all his might, as it seemed to me, and making Jack throb and tingle, as I could see, under the tickling and licking of the hot, moist, dart-like member, and the sucking and mumbling of the mobile lips. When this had been going on for some time, Lord Henry clapped his hands as a signal for them to cease, and called Jack to him. Lifting the boy up, he sat him on my lap. Jack immediately put his arm round my neck, and, drawing my face towards his, kissed me warmly on the mouth and cheek. I was rather taken with this bright-faced lad, and I returned the embrace, supporting him with my left arm. Jack then took hold of my right hand and directed it to his stiff little cock, which he placed between my thumb and first finger, and moved my hand up and down, telling me to go on. I had no objection, feeling thoroughly in the mood for any kind of sensuality, and soon completely succumbed to the fascination of the task; while Jack's belly began to heave and his bottom to wriggle, and he stiffened his legs, crossing and uncrossing them in his erotic emotion; and when the finality arrived, he twisted his body about snake-like, almost unseating himself, and broke into low, hysterical laughing as the transports of voluptuousness seized upon him; but after the first paroxysm was over, he climbed to his feet on the divan, facing me, and guiding his member with his fingers, thrust it between my lips, holding it there for me to suck off the few drops of embryonic sperm that suffused the top.

Lord Henry now came to sit beside me, and said, "I am afraid, Charlie, that you will spend a dull Christmas here. "It was perhaps hardly kind of me to wish you to come, when all the society I had to offer you was my own."

"Not at all, Harry," I replied - he had begged me to call him by this name - "I have been looking forward to my visit here forever so long. I did certainly feel a little shy about coming by myself, but now that I am here, I am pleased, and I thank you very much for your kindness. You know, I was hoping to come in the last holidays."

"Ah! I remember," he answered; "but unfortunately I was away. And that reminds me; I want you to tell me all about your adventures. I heard of your visit to Paris with de Beaupré."

I gave him a detailed account of my stay with Gaston, and he listened with the greatest interest. When I told him about the meeting in honour of Flora, he went on to give me a lot of information on the subject, and was evidently extremely learned and well-versed in the classics and history, telling me a great many curious and interesting facts which were quite new to me. "If you would like to read of such matters," he said, "I have an number of books which you can amuse yourself with while here. I have made quite a large collection of rare volumes during my time, and you cannot come across such everywhere." All the time we had been talking, Lord Henry regarded me intently, and fondled my hands and feet, but did not make use of any exciting caresses. His conversation, however, roused me greatly, and at last, taking hold of my cock, I began to titillate it in a very determined way. But he stopped me, saying with a smile, "I forbid it positively, Charley. Self-indulgence is entirely contrary to the laws in force at Hebworth. Please wait; and in due time you shall be rewarded." When my host had finished a cigarette which he had lighted, he requested me to accompany him to the bathroom. Thither the Japanese boys and Jack also came, and I was told to seat myself in a large round bowl or tub. The three lads then gathered round and deluged me with their urine, the jets from the living fountains splashing over my face and neck and, body, and running down me in hot streams. After this I was douched with warm water, and went through a bath as in the morning. On getting back to the saloon, we found that the evening repast was ready, and repaired to the dining-room.

The negroes served, as at lunch, and Ko-San and Yakuri also waited upon us. Jack was there as well, but the part he took was to crouch by the side of me; or underneath the table, at my feet, and finger and handle my cock and balls throughout the meal, keeping me in a perpetual fidget of irritation, which was not; however, altogether disagreeable.

Afterwards, we went into the hall again, where Lord Henry made me sit on a sofa and finish reading aloud the erotic book which I had begun the night before; and while I did so, Ko-San and Yakuri, who had placed themselves by my side, played with my member, squeezing it and pulling it about until it got erect, and keeping it stiff by their pertinacious handling, the flagitious chapters of the book, as I read them, also serving to excite my organ. In the middle of this, Jack brought a book-rest to put the volume on, and stood by to turn the pages over for me; my hands now being at liberty, the Japanese lads each took one and held it against his private parts, squeezing his thighs together to keep my fingers in place; but they soon ceased to do this, when they found that I was quite ready to hold their cocks and tickle their balls of my own accord. My member naturally grew so very stiff that finally Lord Henry got me to stretch myself out on the sofa. He then took hold of my upright genital instrument, pulled back the skin and dropped a large spoonful of condensed milk over the swelling head, the thick substance running down the short column and on to my thighs and balls.. He himself sucked me, licking it off, and Ko-San, Yakuri and Jack were given a similar treat, Lord Henry watching carefully to see that they did not do their work too well and cause me to discharge. Jack was then laid down, and a good quantity of the sweet, coagulated cream put on his cock and testicles. I removed this with my lips and tongue, and a second lot was placed on his bottom where it joined the legs, and this I also licked off. By this time it was getting late, and Lord Henry proposed that we should retire. I was devoutly looking forward to the promised easing of my inflamed feelings, which were now troubling me considerably, and I had hopes that the sought-for relief would now come. I was prepared for anything which would lead to this end, and I was perfectly ready to obey, therefore, when, after we were undressed, Lord Henry directed me to lie with my back on the bed and put my legs over his shoulders. I was not quite sure what he was about to do, but I soon grasped the fact that it was his intention to penetrate into my bottom. This made me feel nervous, seeing that he was a large-made man and up to the present I had only received the members of boys. He, however, reassured me, telling me I need have no fear; and he put some ointment on my fundament. He then brought his great member, raging with lust, to the attack, and I shuddered a little as he put the head against the orifice of my posterior and pressed forward with all his might. I gave a cry as the big knob found its way inside, but Lord Henry soothed me, and continued his pushing until his organ of offence had effected a complete entrance. I found it a very different matter to taking in even Rutherford's tolerably large cock, and was on the point of protesting against the painful sense of distension, but my assailant spoke comfortingly to me, and I clenched my teeth and made up my mind to endure his advances as long as I could. I felt, however, as if something dreadful must happen soon, but fortunately the pent-up fervour of my companion was quickly finding an outlet, and within a brief space he shot a plentiful emission into me; this served to counteract all the unpleasantness, oiling the passage and setting up a warm and delightful emotion within my body.

He then made me lie flat on the bed, and, kneeling at my feet, commenced to suck me. I cannot describe the wonderful relief this was, after the sensual provocation I had been suffering all day I stretched every muscle in my efforts to respond to his attentions, and in a remarkably rapid time, as it seemed, Lord Henry succeeded in drawing forth my vital essence. I had grown wild with voluptuous pleasure under the persuasive influence of his lips and tongue, and I lay inert for several minutes, prostrated with exhaustion, after he had taken himself away from me.

We then got into bed, but my companion insisted upon holding me in a wanton embrace. During the night, I woke up to find him sucking my cock; and indeed, I verily believe that all through the hours of rest he was doing something of this kind.

It was fine and mild next day, so I had an opportunity to go out and have a look at my new quarters. The place seemed remote from the world altogether, while, further to seclude it; the whole demesne was surrounded by a high stone wall. The place had come into the possession of Lord Henry from his father, Jimmy's grandparent; and was then in a sadly neglected condition, not having been dwelt in for many years; but he had exerted himself to put it into repair and make it thoroughly habitable, its position making it in every way suitable as a retreat where he could come to stay without fear of being intruded upon; and the doors of Hebworth were never opened, save, to his especial and intimate friends.

The structure was of fair size, enough not remarkably extensive but a number of the rooms, especially in the upper part, were bare and never used. A caretaker and his wife, with another servant, lived here, but their quarters were quite apart and shut off from the portion of the building made use of by its owner. As he was not here regularly, and did not have much company when he was in residence, there was no necessity for a large establishment, and the people at the lodge helped in the household work if occasion required.

Beyond saying that as the days went on, my enjoyment of the stay increased, I shall not further particularise my doings. Lord Henry proved a model entertainer; and his brilliant and discursive conversation was always full of interest, while he gave me, as promised, a selection of highly pleasing and instructive books to read.

Soon after Christmas, my friends arrived, all in excellent spirits and eager to avail themselves of the delights of Lord Henry's hospitality.

Our host was thoroughly in his element, and averred that the walls of Hebworth had not resounded with so much merriment for many a long day.

As both his relatives were now with him at the same time, they could not any longer put their tongues in their cheeks, like the augurs, when speaking of him before one another. Each, however, knew Lord Henry well, and therefore made no pretence but were well content to take things as they found them. He would not let the duke call him "Uncle", but insisted upon us all addressing him by his Christian name, saying that it sounded more familiar, and put us all on a friendlier footing.

"How well Jimmy seems, doesn't he?" he exclaimed, when we met the party at the station. "I'm sure from his looks he's a bigger scamp than ever, too."

He had a previous acquaintance with de Beaupré, also, so it can be imagined that we made a very happy and vivacious party.

"It is not very nice weather today," he said, on the afternoon following their arrival. "We will go to the Turret Room."

This was a square room, not too large, in the south tower of the castle, hung with tapestries and thickly carpeted. The apartment had evidently been prepared for us, and an immense fire burned on the hearth. On the opposite side, and directly facing the blaze, was a very large dais or divan, spread with innumerable rugs and cushions. We had only our dressing-gowns on and ere we lay ourselves down, Lord Henry asked us to take these garments off so that he might enjoy the sight of our nude bodies. The room was so warm that we readily complied, and did not suffer in the least from cold as we nestled amid the pillows, but, on the contrary, rejoiced at the sense of freedom thus given us. Jack and the Japanese brought us pleasant drinks and sweetmeats, and we felt quite at ease and jolly as Lord Henry rattled on with his sparkling talk.

Presently he called Jack and said something to him. The boy left the room, soon afterwards returning, followed by the negroes. Lord Henry spoke to the latter and they took off their tunics. Peter lay at full length on the ground, and Ko-San worked at his member until it was erect; Yakuri did the same to Paul, At a signal shortly from Ko-San, Paul squatted over Peter, bringing his buttocks over the latter's thighs, while Ko-San guided Peter's stiffened weapon into the aperture of Paul's posterior, first well moistening both this and Peter's organ with saliva. Paul now proceeded to rise and fall like a man on horseback, causing Peter's cock to work in and out of his bottom, while Yakuri continued to rub Paul's member up and down, and Ko-San tickled Peter's balls and chafed his thighs smartly. The denouement was not long in arriving: first of all Paul shot out strong jets of sperm on to Peter's neck and face and breast; very soon after, Peter made a sign that he was about to discharge, and when Paul felt the liquid injected into him he rose up, leaving Peter's cock reeking with its owner's emission.

The parts which they had taken had greatly excited Ko-San and Yakuri, and each began to pluck at his stiff cock as if it irritated him, seeing which Jack ran forward. They fell upon him, and knelt down, Yakuri in front and Ko-San at his back, the first-named sucking and licking Jack's cock and balls, while the other caressed his buttocks with lips and tongue. When they tired of this, they rose to their feet, and Ko-San made Jack bend over while he inserted his cock in Jack's bottom-hole, whereupon Jack straightened himself again. Then Yakuri put his member between Jack's thighs, just under his testicles, and made him close his legs together as tightly as possible. When they had got into position, Ko-San and Yakuri began working backwards and forwards energetically, twining their arms round Jack, who was immensely pleased with the sensation of being sandwiched thus between their warm bodies, the movements of their thighs and the wrigglings of their legs and trunks, pressed closely against him, sending a delightful tickling all through his frame, as he told us afterwards, while he kissed Yakuri all the time, and Ko-San, not to be backward, exerted all the exciting force of his tongue on the nape of Jack's neck. All three panted and grew hot as their passion increased, and at last Ko-San stopped his motions, while at the same time Jack called out to us that he felt a moist warmth in his bottom, and we knew that his rear assailant had discharged into him. Quickly afterwards, Yakuri gave one or two short, hard pushes, and then also ceased, the hot essence he gave forth trickling down Jack's legs. The three then disengaged, and Yakuri knelt and licked off the liquid from Jack's limbs, Ko-San following his example behind, Jack stooping and opening his legs so as to give him better play.

Jack's cock was by this time standing up in a particularly impudent manner, energised by having been agitated between his own and Yakuri's bellies. Lord Henry, who watched everything narrowly, turned to me with a smile and made me lie on my face on the dais, with my knees drawn up, so as to place my bottom in the most convenient posture obtainable, and he then called to Jack, who rushed forward and sprang towards me. First kissing and licking my posteriors, and well lubricating the hole with saliva, he brought his cock to the attack, and pushed it in. I felt it enter, but he was a very different case to Lord Henry, and I experienced little unpleasantness. Indeed, after a short time I began to feel a sensuous emotion, as Jack worked his member in and out of the tight passage; and this was added to by my young ravisher, who clasped his arms round my waist and fingered my testicles and genital organ, which latter rapidly expanded and grew harder as Jack held it. He was in a salacious mood, and worked fast, his lunges growing shorter and quicker, and he breathed heavily with sensual excitement. At length, he gave a final plunge forward, forcing his cock to its furthest extent into me, and then collapsed on my back while I felt his little weapon jump and throb inside my bottom, and was conscious of a sudden hot and wet sensation therein.

Presently Jack got off; and, lying down, pulled my head over his thighs, motioning me to take his cock in my mouth. Seeing that it had but just emerged from my rear entrance, I at first recoiled from the idea, but Jack laughed and urged me again; so, summoning up my resolution, I next moment closed my lips on his member. I did not find it by any means so dreadful as I had anticipated, and I was to a great extent kept up to my task by Jack, who patted my cheeks, and took my cock between his feet, pushing it from one side to the other, and working the skin back with his toes.

After a prolonged bout of this, Jack got up and, directing me to lie down, started to suck my member, while Ko-San and Yakuri began to tickle and caress me, the lustful enjoyment of all this creeping throughout my body, and entirely taking possession of all my faculties.

Jack was a past master in his wondrous use of mouth and hands, while the Japanese boys were equally dexterous in their methods of excitation, I completely succumbed to the voluptuousness of the moment, while Jack employed all his arts to intensify and draw out the pleasure now taking my cock in his mouth as far as possible, then just touching the tip with his tongue, anon sucking the head strongly, and afterwards tolling his tongue round beneath the base of the knob; then he would leave my cock alone and suck or tickle my balls or thighs or belly, or thrust his lingual organ between my legs underneath the testicles; and, again, he varied all this by stroking my member with his hands, rubbing it smartly for a second or two, following this up by agitating it with the lightest touch of his deft fingers, pulling up the prepuce till it made a sort of funnel down which he darted his tongue, covering and uncovering the head with the slowest deliberation, tickling my balls and rubbing quickly underneath them between the legs, scratching and chafing the lower part of my bottom, and putting a finger in the hole and working it about therein, running his fingers over my bare pubes in an apparent search for symptoms of the hair which had not yet put in an appearance, and passing his hand over my abdomen with a gentle smoothness. My body writhed lasciviously, and my senses reeled in lustful frenzy; my cock was hot as fire, and quivered and throbbed intermittently. My teeth shut tightly as I felt the ecstasy approach; my belly heaved and contracted; my whole frame shuddered, and then the delirium seized upon me; I gasped and half shrieked with the exquisite joy, the glorious, intolerable anguish of the boiling tempest of unbounded pleasure that overwhelmed my being; and a mist grew before my eyes. Meanwhile my cock was chattering against Jack's teeth, and discharging a quite copious flow of warm vital fluid into his mouth; and when he had extracted every drop of this elixir from its source, he quickly raised himself, and putting his mouth against mine, which seemed to open of its own volition, he opened his lips and let my own essence run down my throat. In the passion of the moment, I swallowed it greedily, appreciating the odour and taste, and I licked Jack's lips and thrust my tongue into his mouth, in an anxious attempt to obtain more.

While this was going on, Ko-San fastened upon my member with his lips, sending fresh currents of smarting rapture through me; and Yakuri, lifting up one of my legs and holding it so with his arm, pressed his face against my bottom, pushing his nose between the cheeks, and sucking in the furrow, tickling it with his tongue, and thrusting that member as far as he could into the sensitive orifice.

Jack and I continued our mutual kissing and tonguing, caressing each other with our hands at the same time. After some period, Jack lifted his head from me, and, propping me up with cushions, knelt with his thighs against my face, and inserted his cock between my lips. I sucked it with avidity, and found much pleasure in prolonging the operation, until, to my great surprise, some hot fluid exuded into my mouth. For a moment, I thought that Jack had discharged his essence again; but a salt taste as the liquor rolled down my throat proclaimed that it was urine. I did not refrain from sucking, nevertheless, and presently Jack, with a light laugh of merriment, let some more of the warm juice escape from his cock; but I still did not turn from my task. A little while before, I should never have deemed such a thing as I was doing possible; but now I appeared quite to enjoy the sensation as Jack, at short intervals, squirted little jets of greater or less quantity into my mouth, and I actually smiled at the caprice of lubricity which prompted him, as the hot liquid splashed over my tongue and against my palate prior to being swallowed.

While this had been going on, I had been so engrossed in my own affairs that I had not troubled to observe the doings of the remainder of the company. But I now saw that they were all amusing themselves in some way or other. Bob had procured the ministrations of Ko-San, while Yakuri lent his services to Jimmy. Lord Henry had devoted himself to de Beaupré, and had him across his lap, so that he had every opportunity to indulge in a luxury of hand-play, and Blackie; in return, held Lord Henry's member, and bestowed soft rubs to it. Being now unemployed, I could lie at my leisure and watch the lot of them; and the sight was so exhilarating that I could almost feel the deeply pleasurable emotions which all gave the fullest evidence of experiencing. The scene was over too soon for me, for before very long Rutherford and the duke gave way under the young Japanese lads’ caresses. De Beaupré had been kept artfully in suspense by our host, but at last he too succumbed, after which Lord Henry, who had held himself back by making Blackie stop his caresses whenever they promised to be too seductive, let himself go, and in a few seconds discharged his sperm vigorously, causing Gaston to hold his member straight upwards, so that the emission leaped high into the air and fell back in white patches, partly on him and partly on de Beaupré.

We then settled ourselves down quietly, and resumed conversation.

A tiger hunt in India

"You have a pretty good time at school," said Lord Henry. "You enjoy yourselves very well, from what I can hear. You are very lucky to be so well placed. Of course, there is general scope for pleasure at schools, but they do not always offer such good opportunities as you have found, nor is there invariably such a jolly lot of fellows gathered together. Very often there are two or three prigs present, who spoil a good lot of the fun; I used to get on all right myself, I thought; but I must confess that I was far behind you. You see, I was at Eton, which makes a great difference; there is a certain amount of disadvantage in one of the very large public schools, on account of the many different classes of boys there. Still, I had the luck to get in one of the best houses, and there were several awfully decent chaps with me. I was further favoured, in addition, for in my fagging days I was "Taken up" by a charming fellow named Everest. We kept up our friendship long after we grew up; but the poor fellow joined the Lancers and was drafted out to India, where he was so badly mauled by a tiger that he died.

"But all boarding-schools and colleges are very much alike, and always have been. There is ever the chance for enjoyment, if one looks for it."

He went on to tell us a number of highly-spiced anecdotes, and as I listened to them my emotions began to arise again. Jack found this out, as he set himself down to play with my cock, which commenced to enlarge itself and turn up its nose until it was quite erect, when he amused himself by continually pulling it down and letting it rebound with a thump against my abdomen.

At length, Lord Henry, noting my distress, which was even greater than that displayed by my companions, gave some rapid instructions to the negroes, who came and lay upon the divan. Peter placed himself behind me, and forced his member between my legs. Paul lay in front, taking my cock between his thighs, his own stiff weapon being squeezed between our two bellies. The negroes then began to work vigorously, almost smothering me with their lustful embraces as they pressed against me, making me gasp for breath beneath the hold of their strong arms. But I could not help myself, if I had wished to, and the lewd blacks laboured on, a complacent smile expanding over Paul's charcoal-coloured visage, which was the only one I could see.

Soon, Peter discharged, drowning my thighs with his hot emission, while, almost immediately after, I felt a torrent of warm sperm from Paul's member gush over my belly. "That is what might be called, in sporting phraseology, a "double event", Charlie," said Lord Henry, when we had finished, looking at me with a smile into which a considerable amount of fondness entered, for he appeared to have developed a strong regard for me since our acquaintance.

"It might have been a "Treble event", if Charlie had come too!" said Jimmy, with a saucy laugh, in which we all had to join.

Jimmy was quite right when he said that I had not discharged that time, which was hardly to be expected as I had done so not long before; and though matters went on in a very lively and agreeable way for the remainder of the afternoon, none of us seriously attempted to bring on a crisis again, Lord Henry being in no way an advocate of too great excess.

Chapter 14. L’Envoi

At length the time of departure came, and Lord Henry travelled down with us to London, where he intended to spend a day or two.

Paddington Station, London

Another parting of a more dismal kind, however, had to take place, for Rutherford was not returning to the school any more but going under an army coach, in preparation for Sandhurst. We felt that the loss of his society would make a great difference to us at Mr. Percival's, and none of us cared to view in anticipation the rift in the circle of our comradeship. We could only put on brave faces, and, as we wished him good luck, try to hide the sorrow we felt.

It was a great grief to me to think that I should not again be cheered by Bob's habitual good humour and never-failing support under all circumstances. I had not forgotten that he had been my first mentor in opening up the paths of pleasure to me, and I regarded him with affection accordingly. I was only too confident in my own mind how greatly I should miss him. But our life in this world is made up of meetings and partings.

Bob came to the station to see me off, as he was remaining in town. We shook hands warmly, and as the train started on its journey with puffs and snorts, I put my head out of the window to catch one more glimpse of his smiling face, wondering how long it would be before I should see him again.






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