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three pairs of lovers with space



being Chapter 3 of The Memoirs of a Voluptuary by Charlie Powerscourt  (Paris, 1905)

At seven o'clock next morning the school-bell rang to awaken us, but none of us felt any inclination to get up at once, and it was not until the second bell had sent forth its warning note that we finally turned out, and then all our efforts were required to dress in time, so that we had no opportunities for playing about, having to confine ourselves to an interchange of jocular remarks, more or less personal, the only diversion being caused by Jimmy hurling a wet sponge at me, which I avoided by ducking, and the missile catching Bob full in the face.

"All right, my boy," said that aggrieved individual to the duke. "It's lucky for you that we are in such a hurry, otherwise I wouldn't let you off."

The sober routine of school started in earnest today, but I did not find it at all irksome, and was only too pleased with the vivacity I encountered on all sides.

In the afternoon, Gaston de Beaupré arrived, and naturally both Rutherford and I were eager to make his acquaintance. His appearance impressed us very favourably, and we felt that Jimmy's praises of him might not be unjustified by any means. He was a well set-up boy, rather inclined to be slender, with a complexion of a clear, rich olive tint, straight, regular features, thick, glossy black hair, and dark lustrous eyes, gleaming with good humour and full of a reckless dare-devil fire. In fact, from the look of him, we judged that his friend's description of his character had not been at all overdrawn. He spoke English with a perfect accent and thorough command of the language, which was no doubt due to his having been so much in this country. The duke introduced him to us, and we found his manner most agreeable, even charming, without a trace of "side", which I, and I think Bob, too, had been rather afraid he would exhibit.

When bedtime came, and we went upstairs, he expressed himself delighted with the room. Nothing worthy of note passed until we had undressed, when Jimmy walked quietly up to de Beaupré, and, making a swift dive, slid his hand under Gaston's nightshirt, saying, as he did so, "How's your cock, Blackie?" De Beaupré retreated with a short laugh, and flashed a look of enquiry at Bob and myself.

"Oh! That's all right," exclaimed Jimmy. "You needn't be afraid of them. They are good sorts, and I've told them what kind of a chap you are, so, you see, it's no good you trying to look innocent. And I say, Blackie! I promised them that when you came we would have a proper bit of fun to celebrate the occasion; so you can't back out after that. Let's have a cock-show all round to start with."

late 19th-century drawing

He beckoned to Rutherford and me to join them, and without more ado we pulled up our shirts to let each other see our private parts. Blackie had a good-sized genital instrument, with rather large balls, and a little fringe of short, silky, black hairs was just beginning to make its appearance around the parts. I had imagined at first sight that he was a slim lad, as he gave this appearance when dressed, but I found that his body was much better fleshed than I thought, his legs, posteriors and arms being particularly well developed, and the display of muscles seemed to point to his being rather strong, which, indeed, proved to be the case. While we were thus regarding him inquisitively, he surveyed us with equal curiosity, and appeared to be much attracted towards Bob, who was naturally considerably more advanced physically than any of us, being the only one whose generative organs showed signs of approaching maturity. De Beaupré's interest led him to the length of handling Bob's member, in order to examine it better, and as he took hold of the cock, which was already half-erect, and drew back the skin, fully exposing the rapidly-hardening knob, he said, "You're just a treat, Rutherford. Let me take you on to start with."

But the duke interposed. Bob's my property, Blackie, to begin with. We arranged that last night. You go with Charlie here first; you'll find him game enough. And, I say! I want you to give him a go in your best style, just to let him see what you can do. He is new altogether to this sort of thing, so he will like it all the better."

"I don't mind. It is all the same to me," replied de Beaupré. "Come on, Powerscourt -Charlie, I shall call you, and you can call me Blackie. Jimmy christened me, but it doesn't much matter - one name is as good as another, as long as it suits you. Pull off your nightshirt - that's right!" and he drew off his own at the same time. "Now we are ready." He made me get flat on the bed, and lying over me with his arms round my body, began to kiss my cheeks and forehead, finally pressing his mouth against mine and thrusting his tongue between my lips and against my tongue with quick movements, his saliva joining with mine and running in a little stream down my throat. This action of his infected me with an intense feeling of lasciviousness, so that I began to experience a wonderful passion of sensuality throughout every part of my form. Then he made me turn over, and began to kiss and lick and tickle me with tongue and lips, travelling from the nape of my neck all over my shoulders and spine, and every square inch of my bottom, pressing open the cheeks, and titillating all round the base of the buttocks, and forcing his hot labial member into my bottom-hole, so that I fairly shivered with voluptuous excitement, and my inordinately stiff and bursting cock glowed so fiercely that it almost seemed as if it were on the point of discharging, as I pressed tightly against the sheets with lustful twistings. Leaving my bottom, he let his tongue wander down over my legs and calves and the soles of my feet, occasioning further tremors of extraordinary physical enjoyment; and when he desisted using his mouth, he began to rub and stroke and tickle me with his fingers and palms, going over the same ground again. Truly, what Jimmy had told us, that Lord Henry had said there was a kind of magnetism in de Beaupré's hands, appeared to me to be absolutely correct, for each touch sent deep thrills of animal electricity through me.

When he considered that he had paid sufficient attention to my back, he directed me to turn over again, and when I had done so he devoted himself to caressing the front part of my body with even more assiduity than he had bestowed on the opposite side. The skill and dexterity he displayed were something marvellous; he seemed to be a perfect master of the arts of lubricity and I throbbed and tingled through and through with sheer ecstasy, unutterable in its deliciousness. Beginning with my feet, sucking each toe separately, tickling with his tongue in between, and kissing my ankles and insteps with the tenderest warmth, he travelled slowly upwards, covering me with a shower of alluring osculations, and using his hands in all manner of the most captivating endearments at the same time, so that my flesh crept and shivered in a very transport of the most unbounded joy. Advancing higher, he overwhelmed my thighs and belly with similar embraces, till I felt on the verge of expiring from sheer lasciviousness. He appeared to make a point, however, of passing over my genital parts, and I could have cried at the omission, so thoroughly had he inspired me with eroticism. My cock positively flamed with lust, and shivered and palpitated with spasmodic pulsations, and I felt as if I would give anything to assuage the burning desire I experienced in this member; so much so that I clutched at it myself and began to rub it fiercely up and down. But de Beaupré gently though firmly removed my hold, and continued his operations in the same slow and unhurried way that he had been pursuing all along. Soon he had arrived at my navel, at which he made a little halt, and then he advanced over my bosom, stroking all the soft undulations, going over them with his mouth; and dwelling with seemingly affectionate emphasis on the little crimson nipples.. My throat next came in for his attentions, and his touch thrilled me afresh; and when he had at length got beyond this, he lay over me again, twining his lithe limbs panther-like round my body, and gave himself up to the outpouring of a fresh ocean of kisses and caresses on my lips, chin, cheeks and brow. My excitement was so great that it seemed impossible I could contain myself any longer; the limit of endurance must surely be passed, I thought; and in an effort of despair I clasped him tightly to me, pressing his belly against mine, and writhing convulsively against him in a vain endeavour to soothe the raging lust of my cock. But relief was not to come yet.. When at last he ceased from half-suffocating me; he turned his attentions to tickling me under the arms and rubbing the latter from shoulders to wrists, and stroking and squeezing my hands, which itched to get at my member. He seemed to be bent upon prolonging the affair as much as possible, while all the time I was smarting with eagerness to obtain an allaying of the fever that I burned with. At last, however, he took pity on me, and, sliding down my body, commenced to play with my cock and balls with a very light touch, which only added to my salacious frenzy.

I could bear the suspense no longer. "Quick; Blackie!" I cried. But there was no hurrying him, and he went calmly on, just as before, moving my member from one side to the other, and slowly rubbing it up and down, sorely aggravating my impatience. Finally, he stopped and sucked my testicles, making me writhe again; and after a spell of this, he, at long last, took my member in his mouth, sucking it and tickling the top with his tongue, using all his powers of incitement in doing so, while with his hands he rubbed it briskly near the root, at the same time stroking and titillating my thighs and belly and balls. If I had felt full of voluptuousness before, I did so now in a tenfold degree, and I clasped my legs tightly round his neck, squeezing him closely in the passion of the moment. The end came quickly, after all this wantonness of lubricity, as it was impossible for nature to hold out any longer. Every nerve and fibre thrilled and vibrated at fullest tension, so that they seemed on the point of snapping, wave after wave of the most delicious sensations surged through me, and then, just as I felt I could stand no more, my senses began to reel, and I was swallowed up in a flood of rapturous bliss, of such exquisite joy that it was almost painful.

I put out my hands and seized de Beaupré's head to put a stop to the excruciating pleasure, but he caught my wrists and forced me to submit. The maddening force of the voluptuous sensations made my brain whirl in intoxication, and brought on a sort of delirium, which deprived me of all power of movement; so that I lay in a helpless stupor of ecstasy, ravished by the wondrous way in which de Beaupré had exerted his powers of touch upon me.

I think I lost consciousness for a time, as the next thing I remember was de Beaupré patting my cheek as he looked down into my face, and when I opened my eyes in response, he exclaimed, "Why! I thought you had gone to sleep. How did you like it?"

"It was tremendous," I replied. "I feel as if all my breath had gone. Wherever did you learn to do it like that?"

"Oh! It's a trick I picked up, and it seems to come naturally to me. It takes it out of you a bit; doesn't it?"

"I should just think so," I returned; "but I feel pretty fit again now. I made a good lot come, didn't I? It felt like it, anyhow."

"Pretty fair," replied de Beaupré. "There is generally more than usual, if you get worked up properly like that."

"How are the others going on?" I asked. "There they are. Just look at them," he cried. I got up and turned my gaze in the direction to which he pointed. Bob was sitting on the bed, with the duke lying across his knees, while he was working Jimmy's cock smartly up and down, toying with his balls with the other hand.

"How is it going, Bob?" I called out. "He's nearly coming, I believe," he said, and both de Beaupré and I walked over to watch the denouement. It was very plain that Bob's surmise was correct, judging by the expression on Jimmy's face, and we had not been standing by more than a minute or two, when he called out, "It's just coming, Bob," and broke into low, hysterical laughter, twisting his feet together, as his juvenile sperm welled out.

The sight excited me again, and I turned to my companion, saying, "Come on, Blackie. It's your turn now."

"Very well," he said at once. "I'm ready."

"How shall I do you?" I enquired, as we went back to my bed again.

"I am going to lie on my back,, he replied. "You sit facing me. I'll put my legs over yours, and then you place yours each side of me, and come close up."

I followed his instructions, bringing my belly against his bottom, my feet being under his arms, while he clasped me tightly round the loins with his thighs, crossing his feet behind my back. Putting his hands behind his head, he said, "Now wank me, and keep as close to my bottom as you can. You can tickle my balls with your other hand." I did as he told me, and he closed his eyes, resigning himself entirely to the pleasures of the moment. I rubbed his cock with an even and moderately rapid motion, squeezing and wriggling my belly against his posteriors, and gently tickling him with my fingers all over the belly as far as the navel. While I did this, I was much interested in surveying his body as it was presented before me. His skin was of a delightful, warm-looking brownish tint, not nearly so dark as his face, but offering a great contrast to the whiteness of my own. This gave him a decidedly un-English appearance, and particularly so when combined with his countenance, the oval features reminding me of some Italian portraits in the dining-room at home. Indeed, this was not strange, as I learned afterwards that his mother, the Princesse de Beaupré, came of Italian stock.

His cock, when fully erect, as now, was a good-sized one, as I have already remarked. It was as hard as possible, and so hot that it seemed almost to scorch my hand, denoting a very erotic temperament. He exhibited no signs of a want of self-control, so that I was quite taken by surprise when, after some little time, I felt something warm and wet trickling over my fingers, and I knew that he had come. There was quite a tolerable quantity, and it was much thicker and whiter than mine or Jimmy's, more resembling Bob's in this respect. After I had examined it to my satisfaction, I disengaged myself from the close contact with his body that I had hitherto maintained, and began to suck him. The straightening of his legs and the contraction of his muscles were the only signs of discomposure that he showed, although I felt sure that this calmness was an effort of will on his part, for a nature so licentious as he had shown his to be could not fail to be fully alive to sensual enjoyment, and his knitted brows and the firm way in which he kept his mouth shut, bore witness to my opinion being the correct one, especially as when he opened his eyes presently there was a misty, voluptuous, half-dazed look in them.

After a short pause we got up, and I proceeded to put on my nightshirt.

"You chaps have been having a good time, eh?" said Bob, smiling at us.

"Rather!" I replied; and "Very good indeed!" said de Beaupré. "We had some jolly good fun too, didn't we, Bob?" exclaimed the duke.

"Ripping!" Rutherford responded. "Jimmy has got just about the finest and juiciest bottom I have ever come across. I believe he has been broken in before, though, for with a little wetting I slipped in as easy as shelling peas, and he squeezed his fat arse about and fairly seemed to draw my cock in, so that I came in no time, and a tremendous lot, too. I am sure he's an old hand at it."

Jimmy laughed. "Perhaps I am, and perhaps I am not. Don't you ask questions, and you won't be told stories."

As we had all now satisfied our desires, we quietly got into bed after this, and slept soundly until the next morning.

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