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three pairs of lovers with space


being Chapter 6 of The Memoirs of a Voluptuary (Paris, 1905)


Gaston de Beaupré has just finished telling the the three friends who share his dormitory about the day he spent with his friend Cecile following his erotic adventures of the preceding night:

"There! I have kept my word, and given you another dose. But I decline to open my mouth anymore, so you can all go to sleep as soon as you like."

"I suppose it is time now," commented Bob regretfully. "Anyhow, we all agree that you are a trump, Blackie. Well, here goes! I'll be brave, and lead the way by settling down at once."

We all felt the wisdom of the course, and after mutual good-nights, prepared for sleep as quickly as possible, although, speaking for myself, de Beaupré's exciting narrative had given me so much to think of that it was some time before I finally went off.

When I awoke, I found the others still asleep, and on looking at my watch I saw that it was not yet six o'clock. However, I did not feel inclined to close my eyes again, and cast about for something to occupy me until it was time to get up.

Venus Lamenting the Death of Adonis by Benjamin West 1768
Venus Lamenting the Death of Adonis by Benjamin West, 1768

As my glance fell on the next bed, I noticed that Bob had kicked off the greater part of the clothes during the night; and lay with one leg outside, while his nightshirt had rocked up till-he was almost bare. A sudden fancy seized me as I looked upon him, and, quietly stepping across the intervening space. I took my seat by his side. He slept heavily and, without disturbing him, I managed, by dint of soft and careful handling, to arrange him at full length on his back, with his sleeping-garment pushed right up on his breast; His body was thus exposed to me, and I could not help thinking what a finely made fellow he was. I have since learned that it is the opinion among the best critics that the male form is essentially more beautiful than the female. The ancient Greeks, who were in every sense a nation filled with the highest instincts of art, undoubtedly thought so, as their sculpture and poetry bear witness in their never-tiring adulations of Adonis and Narcissus, Hyacinthus, Ganymede and Hylas, to mention only a few examples. I do not wish to lead the reader to suppose that such a thought as this came upon me at the time, but it is certainly true that the contemplation of Bob's form infected me with a distinct perception of the inherent symmetry of the masculine frame. Such idle thoughts did not hold me for long, however, and my attention was claimed more particularly by my friend's member, which hung down in the hollow of his thighs with a picturesque elegance of languor. In its erect state, the genital organ is more impressive and obtrusive, but I always think that it is more fascinating to the sight when lying in calm peacefulness. As it lay at rest, I stroked it gently, luxuriating in its wonderful softness, and with equal delight buried the tips of my fingers in the patch of curling hair that grew around the root where it joined the smoothly swelling belly. My actions did not arouse him and, growing bolder, I took his cock in my hand, and very carefully and tenderly squeezed it. Even this had no effect on his slumbers, nor yet, when I uncovered the top as far as possible, did he do any more than move his body spasmodically. This was certainly enough at first to startle me into believing that I had awakened him, and I sat very still, watching him carefully for a minute or so, but when I saw that he gave no sign of being conscious I became reassured and went on with my amusement.

Under the coaxing effect of my clasp, I was aware that Bob's member was swelling, and in response to every squeeze I gave it there came an answering throb. As soon as I became cognisant of the result I was producing, .I devoted my whole attention to fostering it, and in a fairly short space of time had the satisfaction of finding the organ in complete erection. I was very much interested also in the discovery that I had achieved this without awakening him. My fears of so doing rapidly vanished, and I became correspondingly careless, allowing myself to carry on my play with the greatest freedom, feeling and tickling his balls, and rubbing his cock, at first slowly, and then at quit a fast rate. But I found presently that I was not now exercising sufficient precaution, and under the influence of my movements Bob started to murmur inarticulately and turned his body and limbs in a sudden restlessness. I immediately stopped, and did not go on again until his quietude and heavy breathing satisfied me that he was resting calmly once more; and I took greater care this time not to run too much risk of awakening him by my rashness. In the course of the proceedings, I found that it had comparatively little disturbing effect to touch his penis or his testicles, unless I exerted a rather hard pressure of the skin in uncovering the head; but his posterior portion was much more sensitive, and if I got my fingers in the furrow or placed them against the bottom-hole, this was the signal for him at once to shift himself uneasily and babble in his sleep, so after a few attempts I left those dangerous parts alone; I found plenty of interest to my sportive feelings without this, though, and took quite a keen pleasure in keeping Bob's member at high-pitched tension, nurturing it with my hands into stiffness again whenever it showed signs of degenerating.

After a considerable spell of this, I wondered whether I might venture to suck it. Bob still appeared to be deep in slumber, so I essayed the attempt, but exhibited the greatest caution. It had no effect on him, however, so I continued; but I found in time that, though I could use my mouth with impunity in an ordinary way, if I drew down the prepuce and let my lips touch the delicately sensitive skin of the lower part of the knob, my patient immediately showed signs of troubled rest. I therefore became prudent in this respect, and otherwise found no hindrance to my crouching over him, and giving his cock as much sucking as I liked, I was so enamoured of my work that time passed quickly, and nearly an hour must have elapsed since I had got out of bed when I heard Jimmy's voice as he sang out, "Hallo, Charlie! At it already? Are you awake. Blackie? Just look at them!"

I caught a sleepy laugh from de Beaupré, but I turned hastily and motioned to them to keep silent, pointing out that Rutherford was asleep. They saw and understood, and I resumed my occupation, but it had only lasted for a few minutes longer when the seven o'clock bell rang. This had the effect of arousing Bob. He opened his eyes and looked down half-dozing, then, conscious of something unusual taking place, put his hands down, bringing them in contact with my head, which he attempted to push away. The resistance he met with served to bring him to his senses, and in a few seconds he was fully awake, and had taken in the situation at a glance.

"What are you doing, Charlie?" he exclaimed, seizing me and dragging me up. "You have been positively assaulting me in my sleep, I declare! This comes of listening to your yarns, Blackie; you see what mischief you do! But, I say, Charlie! you have made me stiff. You will have to finish now!"

"You haven't asked my permission yet," said de Beaupré, shaking his finger reprovingly. "Supposing I forbid it?"

"Oh! but you mustn't," replied Bob; "it wouldn't be fair! This little beggar is to blame altogether. I wonder he didn't make me come before I woke up."

"Very well!" said Blackie; "I'll let you have your way this time, but there must be nothing else done this morning, otherwise there would have been no use in our crying off last night."

"All right!" Bob answered. "Now, Charlie! We've got plenty of time, if you buck up. Do the best you know how to, as you owe me something, you little villain!"

I smiled, and sat myself down between Bob's legs, taking one of them over my knees, and holding it in position with my left arm, the hand passing under the thigh and grasping his balls, while with my right hand I took his cock and rubbed it up and down with the quick regularity of a piston. It was very hard and hot, and had already been brought near the verge of discharging by my previous attentions. It was not long, therefore, before Bob signified to me that he was coming, and I had scarcely prepared myself to watch the result when a jet of sperm shot out with the force of a projectile and. landed right on Bob's mouth, while two or three further clots followed, alighting partly on his nightshirt and partly on his belly, the after-flow emptying itself over my fingers. Bob licked into his mouth the drop which had fallen there, saying with a smile, "That's the first time I've tasted my own spunk, Charlie." He then proceeded to remove the traces of moisture from his shirt and body, while I lost no further time in applying my lips to his cock, so as to give it the final touch, without which the full sensuousness of an emission is not experienced.

Blackie's injunction that nothing more was to be done that morning was strictly obeyed, and we confined ourselves to a little jocularity while dressing.

Nothing of particular interest took place that day, but after supper I was talking to little Williams, whom I had had occasion to speak to earlier in the day, and who was not really a bad youngster but had just suffered the misfortune of being placed in Davenport's dormitory. He was telling me of some of the practices of this young gentleman, and I called up my three chums, who were not far away, to listen, requesting Williams to report all he had already told me.

"It is not so much me he bullies, although I've had a taste; but Davenport makes a special mark of that young Elgar, who is a very timid kid. Why, the school has only been open a few days this term, and I'm sure Elgar is beginning to look quite bad already."

"What does Davenport do?" asked Bob, with growing indignation.

"Well, the first night he and Lawrence - who, of course, always helps him - made up apple-pie beds for Elgar and me, and the other two chaps, Sturgess and Benson. We didn't mind that, as there wasn't much harm in it, only Elgar got very frightened because he tore a hole in the sheet, and started to cry for fear he would get into a row with Mrs. Percival, while Davenport made some very nasty remarks, which didn't exactly comfort him. And ever since then Davenport has been down on Elgar, I expect because he is such a weak little chap. The next morning he was asleep when the bell rang, and Davenport tipped up the mattress, chucking him on the floor and giving him an awful fright; I told him he ought to be careful, and Sturgess and Benson spoke up; too, but he threatened to lick us all if we said a word, and Lawrence backed him up, so what could we do? and that little sneak of a Davenport Minor was grinning and jumping about, and doing his best to get his brother to set on us.

"That night, Davenport waited till Elgar was in bed and asleep, as we were too, and as soon as all was quiet he got up and tied a string to the little chap's toe, then, going back to bed, started to haul on it. Of course Elgar woke up with a scream, and burst out crying, making such a noise that Davenport got out, being afraid that one of the masters would come in, and told Elgar he would give him a bashing if he didn't stop making a row. Elgar did his best, but couldn't seem to keep from crying, so Davenport said, 'I'll give you something to cry for, if you don't dry up!' and he and Lawrence held him over the basin and poured a jug of cold water over him, leaving him to dry himself as well as he could, and get into bed again shivering all over. Benson and I told them they were cads, and they started to lam into us with a cane, but we swore we would go and tell Chadwick if they didn't leave us alone, so they went back to bed after that.

The Boy's Own Paper 29 March 1884

"That's how things have been going with us. One morning Davenport poured out the chamber over Elgar, and another time he held him down on the bed and whacked his backside with a watch-chain. And last night; Lawrence kept hold of him while Davenport dropped lighted sealing-wax on his belly and legs. Elgar doesn't like to say anything to Mr. Percival or the other masters as he thinks it would be sneaking, but I told him plainly that he was a fool, and the other chaps did so as well, and we all said that if Davenport kept on any more we would go in a body and complain of him.

"And then, Davenport and Lawrence are always playing about with us, pulling out our cocks, and putting ink on them, or something of that sort. Don't you think it's right for us to stick out a bit against him?"

"Certainly!" cried Bob. "I never knew there was anything so bad as what you say going on, but I'll see that it doesn't continue. As head of the school, I think I can manage it all right, and that will save you from going to the masters. I am afraid it's too late for me to speak to him tonight, but if Davenport starts again you let him know that you won't put up with his treatment any longer.

"Davenport is going too far altogether," continued Bob to us, after Williams had gone. "And you owe him something, too, don't you, Charlie? Let him wait a little longer, that's all!"

Our interest in the subject flagged after we had got to our room, and our thoughts turned instinctively to other matters.

"Have you already got a plan for this evening, Blackie?" asked Bob.

"Let me see! Yes!" replied de Beaupré. "I think I had better engage the services of Jimmy on this occasion, or he will think I am neglecting him. So Charlie can pair off with you, Bob."

"That's a good arrangement, said Rutherford. "If we go on like that, there won't be any cause for jealousy between us, will there? Are you going to give us the details of the campaign, too?"

"I should suggest a "face-fuck", Blackie answered; after a moment's thought. "I will show you what I mean in one second."

When we notified that we were ready to begin, de Beaupré directed me to lie with my head propped up against the pillows, and then told Bob to kneel over my chest, so as to bring his member opposite my lips, while he supported himself on his hands, and in this position he was to work his cock in my mouth in the most approved style and to the best of his ability. We at once grasped the idea, and proceeded to put it into effect. Bob's organ was already hard, and exhibited every eagerness for the fray; and he launched forward, thrusting it half-way down my throat. The operation was at first slightly discomforting, but I rapidly accustomed myself to it; it soon got into full swing, and was working splendidly. I kept a firm pressure on Bob with my lips, and bestowed little nibbles on him, advancing my tongue also to meet his pushes, increasing his pleasure so much that he voted the performance a first class one in every way. As he worked his body, I clasped him round the loins and gently stroked his bottom, while in answer his knees closed firmly at my sides. He breathed heavily in his salacious efforts, his pulses quickened, nerving his cock to further excitation, and his fierce emotions communicated themselves to me, the warm friction of his member in my mouth sending a pleasant glow through my frame, and calling up all the dormant eroticism of my nature. I felt as if I could have gone on thus for hours, but for this, as for all things in this world of ours, a period was fixed, and in course of time I could tell by the quick jerkiness that began to actuate Bob's movements that he was fast approaching the goal of his voluptuousness, and about to lose himself in the consummation of its triumph. In another minute the anticipation had become a reality; he gave a final sharp thrust and stopped dead, while his weapon, trembling under the forceful ardour he had infused into it, halted in momentary suspense and then off its charge of living essence into my expectant mouth. The short education I had received had yet made me fully appreciative of the sensation, and I imbibed the draught with all the delight of the born epicure, which I have no doubt I was, although I had only just come to a knowledge of the characteristic.

On sitting up, we saw that Jimmy and de Beaupre were deep in the enjoyment of a mutual suck. We did not wish to disturb them, and as I had not so far had the opportunity of soothing the distressful condition under which I was now labouring, I said to Bob, "Will you let me go in your bottom? I have never tried that yet, and I should like to very much."

"Certainly!" answered Bob, and he at once placed himself so as to receive my attack.

Getting behind him, I advanced to his rear, and after, on his instructions, applying a little saliva, introduced my cock into his small, round orifice. Although it did not look very large, I found it yield much more readily than I had expected, and I experienced a considerable feeling of satisfaction as my member found its home in this warm sheath offered to it, the walls of which closed upon it with a pleasant tightness, without there being too much constriction. I at once commenced to thrust, and while doing so, put my hands round and took hold of Bob's genitals. His cock was a trifle damp and sticky, and inclined to be limp, having been brought into action so recently, but under the fostering care of my fingers it began to exalt itself once more, and I gently titillated it to bring it up still more. My own efforts, however, prevented me from bestowing more than desultory attention on it in this respect, and as my excitement became greater with every moment I soon almost ceased the action, all my interest being claimed by the circumstances of my own case; I bit my lips and panted with preternatural excitement; and heaved forward with such vigour that it seemed as if I must be piercing into the very centre of Bob's anatomy.

He did not appear to suffer any discomfort, however I but evinced a desire to give me every opportunity of wreaking my will upon him, at intervals giving me an additional twinge of pleasure by a well-calculated contraction of his posterior muscles. At length I cried, with a depth of fervour in my voice, "It's coming, Bob!" and as I gave one last thrust with all my strength, he contracted his bottom-hole again, imprisoning my cock within its hot folds. The action arrested the discharge for a second, but next instant I felt it shoot out and, entirely consumed and eaten up in a supreme attack of lustful joy, I sank down upon him, alive to nothing but the passionate, gnawing rapture that afflicted my generative organ, and flowed thence in flickering, unquenchable flames to even the most remote parts of my body.

I felt quite prostrated afterwards, and made a hurried preparation for bed, anxious to lie down and rest myself after the feverish dissipation, at any rate until had taken the first keen edge off my fatigue.

The others followed my example, and we were soon all four between the sheets.

"I wonder who had the best time, you or I?" said Bob.

"It would be hard to say," I replied. "All I know is that if you came off as well as I did, you were all right. How did you get on, Jimmy?"

"Ripping!" said the duke enthusiastically. "Of course, it isn't the first time Blackie and I have had a bit of fun, but I think that makes it all the better, as you know what to expect; while it is just as fine at the finish."

"I don't suppose it's much to Blackie, though, after all he has been through!" I exclaimed.

"Oh! I don't know," returned de Beaupre, speaking with all the savoir fair of a man of the world. "You mustn't think I despise a little amusement among ourselves. If we could really do as we liked, we could have all the enjoyment in the world; only, of course, circumstances are a good deal against us. Besides, as you know from what I told you, girls can have as much pleasure as they want among themselves without requiring men's services, so why shouldn't we show that we can do without girls if we want to?"

"I've heard someone say just the same before," said Jimmy.

Bob looked over to me and winked, exclaiming in a stage whisper, "Lord Henry!"

"You shut up, Bob!" shouted Jimmy, with a smile. "I never mentioned any name."

"Well," said Rutherford presently;" I suppose we mustn't expect another yarn from Blackie tonight."

"No! you needn't;" returned de Beaupre, "for you won't get one. I'm feeling quite hoarse as it is since last night, and I intend to go to sleep at once. Good-night!"

"The oracle has spoken!" cried Bob. "There is nothing better to do, therefore, than for us to go to sleep, too."

Accordingly, we all turned over, and were soon in the arms of Morpheus.

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