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three pairs of lovers with space



The following is one of the sections of the fourth chapter of Dr. Parker Rossman’s Sexual Experience Between Men and Boys (originally published in 1976), entitled "Why Do They?", introduced here, and intended to explain why in general some men desire boys, though in practice limited in its evidence to what was then recent in countries with a Judaeo-Christian tradition.


The Seductive Lure of New Experience

If some pederasts are “eternal adolescents” in their erotic life, even more of them seem to be adolescent in their hunger for adventure and their desire for new experience. It is not just in their erotic experience that they are adventurers. Among pederasts interviewed were many who still go on motorcycle exploration of jungles, sky diving, and so forth, even though they are now old men. For some pederasts the quest for dangerous adventure may be another substitute for the forbidden sexual activity which they desire, but for others, sexual adventurism seems to be an aspect of a larger curiosity about life itself. One said: “I’m simply the kind of person that cannot be contained in the restricting institutions of dull, ordinary life, sexual or otherwise. My spirit is too large for that. My wife well understands my need to roam.”

Another pederast wrote: “You asked what triggered my first sex play with a boy, after years of adult self-control? I would never have become involved in sex play as an adult if it hadn’t been for an overpowering curiosity. It had always been my intention - aware as I was of the erotic appeal of boys – to substitute fantasy and imaginary experiences for the real thing. Perhaps I wasn’t so foolish as to think that fantasy would satisfy me forever, for in every other aspect of life I must make sure that my fantasies are really based in reality, on sound experience. I have had to try everything once, so that I could have authentic dreams, so when a friend introduced me to a promiscuous boy, and told me how much fun he was in bed, I simply had to try it. Since then, from time to time, I get curious again when such an opportunity presents itself. I wonder if it would be different with this black boy or with an older one, or … they are all so different. Curiosity is the force therefore which motivated me the first time, and which still triggers the desire from time to time since.”




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