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The following is one of the sections of the first chapter of Dr. Parker Rossman’s Sexual Experience Between Men and Boys (originally published in 1976), entitled "Dimensions of a Complex Problem", introduced here. His intention in this chapter was to give an unavoidably simplified but general idea of the different types of pederast and their prevalence. Actually, however, his evidence was mostly limited to what was then recent in countries with a Christian tradition.


Viciously Exploitive Pederasty

Some pederasts become neurotic, sadistic, perverted, and at the far right on the scale we find a number of pederasts (probably less than 1 per cent) whose quest for sensual pleasure leads them to seduce boys by using drugs and alcohol. Indeed, they may kidnap boys, abuse them viciously and prostitute them. Frenchy is a pimp who first prostituted himself while still a boy as a means of advancing his criminal career. He then enhanced his criminal reputation by supplying well-known gangland figures with young boys, even in prison. He enjoys this “sport of kings” with the abandon of a soldier who seeks sex of some sort on the night before battle. He has no conscience or inhibitions as he preys upon runaway boys and girls, especially those who are escapees from correctional institutions and are hiding from the police, for these make the safest prostitutes. Frenchy developed his sensuous pederast tastes in a reformatory, where he became a pimp of boys under circumstances not very different from those described by an ex-inmate of a Canadian juvenile institution,[1] who tells how the older adolescents were conditioned to enjoy highly pleasurable sexual experiences with younger inmates they called “sweet boys.” Such sensuous and erotically trained boys are by no means produced only by correctional institutions. Some sensuous pederast pimps, such as the manager of a large boy-prostitution operation in Rome which involved young boys from upper-class families, come from privileged backgrounds. For example, one boy left his expensive private school each week end to earn money by prostitution to buy the motorcycle his divorced mother had forbidden him to have. This renting of upper-class boys to upper-class men is much less noticeable to the police than if such men had lower-class boys on their boats.

Bad Boys (1983): a boy looks up apprehensively at his approaching rapist in an American correctional institute

Exploited boys and boy prostitutes generally come from deprived families and impoverished communities, however, and their customers are sometimes men who are too poor to get married, reminiscent of the widespread pederasty among American tramps of the last generation.

Ironically the most abusive forms of boy prostitution thrive when law enforcement and police action are most stringent, for then the price skyrockets, making prostitution excessively profitable for both boy and pimp. Police crackdowns on boy prostitution also tend to drive the amateur hustler into the hands of abusive and exploitive pimps.[2]


[1] Charlie MacDougal, “You Need Imagination in the Hole,” This Magazine Is About Schools 3 (Summer, 1968). [Author's footnote]
     Contrary to what Rossman reports, the "sweet boys" described were in an institution for boys of 7 to 12, so there were no adolescents involved with them, and it is nowhere stated that the boys they served sexually were older than them (though of course they may have been): they were simply tougher characters.

[2] See Dennis Drew and J. Drake, Boys for Sale (New York: Brown Book Co., 1969.1969), along with note 1 above, and Joyce Greller, “Baby Pros: The Child Hustler” in Penthouse, Feb. 1975. [Author's footnote]




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