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The following is one of the sections of the first chapter of Dr. Parker Rossman’s Sexual Experience Between Men and Boys (USA and London, 1976), entitled "Dimensions of a Complex Problem", introduced here. His intention in this chapter was to give an unavoidably simplified but general idea of the different types of pederast and their prevalence. Actually, however, his evidence was mostly limited to what was then recent in countries with a Christian tradition.

Substitute Pederasty

Mutual sex play among normal males temporarily separated from females - as in correctional institutions or historically among young sailors on a long voyage - is a type of pederasty which involves an older and younger male - neither of whom is gay-homosexual at all - in a simulated effort to meet erotic and emotional needs. The style of sexual intercourse is to fantasize coitus with a woman while simulating a male-female relationship as closely as possible. This logically involves the youngest and therefore most female-appearing males in the submissive roles. Evidently, normally masculine young boys can find it amusing and even pleasurable to play feminine roles in such situations if they are not forced. Many men avoid actual sexual intercourse in such substitute pederast situations and obtain their sexual release in horseplay, but such teasing and jokes are directed at the youngest and most attractive young males in view. Furthermore, such substitute horseplay takes its spice from the fact - known to the participants - that substitute intercourse can be highly pleasurable in an erotic sense. There are cultures and situations - as in some correctional institutions - where substitute sexual relations, including oral and anal intercourse, are tolerated or even encouraged. This is probably less true today, however, than in the past as a result of the increase in co-education, the removal of juveniles from prisons and ships, and the decrease in the number of other male-segregated environments.

Substitute pederasty might therefore be limited today to those cultures where women and girls are closely chaperoned and segregated, were it not for the penchant of European and American societies to keep their best and most cared-for young males in a moral-psychological climate where they are required to find substitutes for happy, loving, and healthy sexual intercourse with girls. There is no real underground of substitute pederasts. Instead, it remains an important step toward other deviant activity, for it can be very pleasurable, habit-forming, and taste-forming - which explains why so many older teenagers become pederasts in correctional institutions.




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