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The following is one of the sections of the first chapter of Dr. Parker Rossman’s Sexual Experience Between Men and Boys (originally published in 1976), entitled "Dimensions of a Complex Problem", introduced here. His intention in this chapter was to give an unavoidably simplified but general idea of the different types of pederast and their prevalence. Actually, however, his evidence was mostly limited to what was then recent in countries with a Christian tradition.


Fantasy and Fetish Pederasty

Also on the far right side of the scale are men who seek various substitutes for the sexual contact they desire with boys. For example, there is an underwear cult of men who advertise in gay publications, offering to purchase undershorts that have been worn by young boys. Another largely unnoticed type of substitute pederasty involves watching boys take enemas, which is probably a substitute for anal intercourse. Such pederasts report that many boys at a young age discover this erotic play for themselves, and that they frequently find small groups of young adolescents who give each other enemas as a kind of substitute sexual experience.

Rare in the United States as far as we can discover - though perhaps existing as a yet undiscovered underground - are the spanking clubs, common in some countries, in which boys are paid well for submitting to playful spankings. An overseas pederast admits this type of play is his substitute for the anal intercourse he desires. He says: “Nothing turns some teenagers on sexually as much as spanking games, being tied up, or playing with handcuffs. A boy who has never been spanked by his parents or at school is often especially fascinated by the prospect. And boys who are too inhibited to allow themselves to be fellated, even though they are eager for the experience, will often ask to be tied up, because they then seem free to enjoy erotic experiences with a good conscience.” Another pederast says: “I’m too straight-laced to allow myself to participate in any other kind of sex play with a boy, but spanking can be a highly pleasurable and erotic experience for both of us.”

A good deal of pederast pornography appeals to this type of fantasy pederasty. Both books[1] and pictures are plentiful which deal with the subject in this way. Such fantasy substitute eroticism sometimes grows out of the tribal horseplay of adolescents. A number of pederasts reported that when adolescent boys are free to play sex games without supervision, many immediately become involved in sadist-masochist play - especially those who are too inhibited to experiment with the oral and anal play that really intrigues them.


[1] Most pederasts consider themselves gentle with boys and disclaim sadomasochist books, but there is a large audience of readers whose fantasies revolve around such play, as is evidenced by such books as J. Bradbury Robinson, A Crocodile of Choirboys (San Diego: Phoenix, 1970), Tony Duvert (1967 [it is unclear if the author had in mind a book not listed in his bibliography or Duvert’s Strange Landscape, New York: Vanguard, 1976), Interdit de Sejour (Paris: Editions de Minuit, 1971), Le Bon Sexe lllustré (Paris: Editions de Minuit, 1974), and hundreds of underground novels about rough play in reform school, and so on. [Author's note]




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