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“Sexual Activity with the Mouth” is the second largest section of Chapter Six, “Sexuality and Eroticism” of Loving Boys, the encyclopaedic study of Greek love by the eminent Dutch lawyer, Edward Brongersma. Published in 1990, it is by far the most substantial essay in English about oral sex to be written from an almost entirely Greek love perspective.

Though it purports to be a general study of the subject, it should be stressed that its coverage of the subject is heavily skewed towards the practice of oral sex between men and boys within living memory at the time of writing, essentially between the 1920s and the mid 1980s and in countries speaking the western European languages in which Dr. Brongersma was most proficient, Dutch above all, but also German, English and French. This is because much of it is based on his correspondence and the roughly five hundred personal case histories in his archive (the most valuable part of the study, since in this respect it is a primary source), and much of the rest is based on the writings of other 20th-century writers in those languages. With respect to the latter, it is worth drawing attention to the fact that Brongersma’s is the only published translation into English of most of the passages he quotes from writers in other European languages.

Instead of footnotes, Brongersma gave a surname and year of publication where he wanted to cite an authority or the source of a quote, and these then had to be sought in his massive bibliography. This was a tiresome system in book form and hopeless for online text, so it has here been replaced by conventional footnoting.

The illustration of this article has drawn heavily on Pan, a magazine about boy-love (Amsterdam, 1979-85) simply because Brongersma was a regular contributor to it while writing Loving Boys, so it is close to him in spirit.


Sexual Activity with the Mouth

The mouth is a most sensitive, wet orifice in the human body, where mucus membrane meets the outer skin; it is also so mobile, with lips, tongue and jaws, that it can participate very actively in sex with others, especially in contact with their genitals. It is thus used a great deal, both in heterosexual and homosexual love-making. In heterosexuality, the Gonado investigation revealed that 80% of its male subjects licked their partner’s genitals, and a similar 80% had their genitals licked and sucked by their partners.[1] It was in two areas especially that the “sexual revolution” of the sixties and seventies brought modern people back closer to nature by liberating them from taboos: total nudity and the use of the mouth in sexual relations. The better educated led the way.[2] From Kinsey’s[3] research to Hurt’s (1972)[4], the percentage of males using their mouths in sexual relations among the academic professions rose from 43% to 61%, and among those with a secondary education only, from 15% to 54%.[5] Redhardt[6] found this trend well established in male hustlers: the higher their education level, the more daring their techniques, especially oral techniques.

Contemporary youths may start early using their mouths. Among Hass’s American teenagers, 8% of the 13-year-old boys had had their penises sucked by girls, and 11% had licked a girl’s vulva. With the 15-year-olds these percentages had increased to 35% and 53%.[7]

Although this technique is not specifically homosexual, it is often held to be so. There was once a local fad in America for homophiles to wear red neckties in order to recognize each other, and when a group of street-boys saw a red necktie “they sucked their fingers in imitation of fellatio.”[8] Rossman[9] mentions an unpublished European study according to which “a majority of normal heterosexual adolescent boys found great pleasure in being fellated, and were highly aroused watching the act.”

512: Nancy Friday[10] reports instances in which married heterosexually active men fantasied about performing fellatio. Penrod: “I recognize that I would enjoy sucking a cock. (…) I may have to wait some time before the circumstances are conducive for acting out this fantasy.” Donald: “I sometimes wonder what a cock would feel like in my mouth - and how exciting it would be to have it suddenly explode and my mouth fill with come. (…) I did suck cock as a kid of twelve or fourteen, and as I recall I enjoyed it then, though I never sucked until my partner came. Perhaps if Ann and I become involved in a four-way I will try it.”

Once having the experience of being sucked, many boys are ready to return the favor.

Historically, during Christian times, the practice has always been considered rather drastic. An Irish penitential of the 7th Century contains a special section entitled “de ludis puerilibus” (the playing of boys); it sanctions mutual masturbation with 20 to 40 days of penitence, intercourse between the thighs with 100 days, but sucking with four years.[11] The Archbishop of Canterbury at that time calls receiving semen in one’s mouth the “worst of evils”,[12] suggesting that the practice was a rather appealing one. The ancient Greeks felt quite differently about it, ascribing the invention and teaching of penis sucking (along with time-measurement, numbers, the alphabet, animal husbandry, navigation, medicine, and metallurgy) to Prometheus, benefactor of mankind.[13] In the Crow American Indian tribe there were men dressed as women who specialized in relieving the sexual tensions in adolescent boys by sucking them off.[14]

Pan Magazine III (1979) 7

There are many variations in the way it is performed; not everyone likes all of them. A “Gay Liberation” study group discussed it deeply and a number of writers wrote pages about it. The possibilities are legion. The penis might only be licked. It might be taken in the mouth just part way so as to allow the tongue a lot of freedom of motion (often a circular motion around the glans), or deeply into the throat so it might even choke the fellator. By pressing on the fellator’s head, the inserter can signal that he wants to penetrate deeper. If the fellator gags while performing the act he “may simply not have discovered that a deep breath is required at the start.”  A deep breath “raises the uvula in the throat, thereby neurologically blocking the gag-response.”[15]

The foreskin may be pushed back with the lips and sucked forward again or retained by a hand about the penis shaft. The scrotum, too, may be tickled, and first one, then the other testicle taken into the mouth. Strong contact of the teeth upon the stretched skin of the penis can hurt, but light nibbling on the shaft may, without being the least sadistic, increase excitement. Sucking, too, can alternate between soft and gentle, then strong “like a milking machine.” “If you do this, your partner will realize that you really like him,” a member of the study group said. And another added, “I observe the reactions of my partner in order to make it as nice as possible for him. If he reacts strongly to some special touch, I go with it. Everybody responds in a different way.” (Revolt 1973 -1)

While performing oral sex, the fellator’s hand can simultaneously caress the belly and thighs of his partner, play with the scrotum, touch the perineal area behind the scrotum and finger the anus.

Oral techniques require practice and skill. An inexperienced boy may at first be surprised or even shocked when it happens, because he may have always thought of the penis as a “dirty” organ used for voiding the bladder: how could one want to take it into his mouth? Soon, however, if he is the inserter, the delightful sensations in his penis are likely to dissipate many of his reservations, although reciprocation may never have much appeal to him. Some boys staunchly refuse ever to do it back.

More than one boy has expressed a fear that his partner may urinate in his mouth, but this is nearly impossible. With erection, the ureter between bladder and prostate is pinched off by a knob which, normally small, swells to fill the lumen of the ureter, blocking the passage of urine. For older boys, sucking may seem less natural than for younger boys, who are less disturbed by “dirt” and are closer in time to the infancy phase in their lives when they were busily exploring every object with their mouths.

Pan Magazine V (1980) 2

513: I was once sent a letter a man had received from a friend who had an eleven-year old boy-friend. Sex had consisted only of the man masturbating the boy, and even after several weeks of close intimacy the boy told him, “I’ll never let you suck me, so don’t ask!” (…) “One day we were riding in the car and he said, ‘My dick is hard.’ (…) I got him to take it out for me to stroke as we’d done so often before. Suddenly he said, ‘I wish we could stop this baby shit.’ I asked what he meant and he said, ‘This, with the hand, he needs sucked.’ (sic) Well, we went home and he got sucked. Almost daily he got sucked. One day I returned home from work and he was at my mailbox doing a little dance as though he were about to wet his pants. He said, ‘Where have you been?’ I was about 5 minutes later than usual. I asked why and he said, ‘I’ve been thinking about it, he’s been hard all day in school; I need it bad, hurry up!’ ” (Personal communication)

514: In the archives of the Brongersma Foundation there is a series of pictures taken by a man while he was being sucked off by eight- and thirteen-year-old (American and Philippine) boys. Every single photo shows the man’s member as well as the face of the boy who is working on it: licking it, taking it into his mouth, or watching how it ejaculates semen. Without exception, all the boys’ faces are most serious; none shows the slightest disgust; rather there is an expression almost of veneration. For one of the boys it was his first experience of the kind.

In heterosexual love-making, it is well recognized that sucking and licking may be equally pleasurable to both partners.[16] A doctor at a Vienna school questioned 28 girls between 12 and 16 years of age, and 17 of them said they liked to perform fellatio on their boy-friends (Unpublished statistics in the archives of the Brongersma Foundation, SE 131).

From the male side, Hite[17] found that “most men who had tried performing fellatio were extremely enthusiastic about it”, and she quoted one subject saying, “I like giving head. It makes me feel as if I’m part of him.” And another: “Physically it feels great to have a hard throbbing cock in my mouth. (…) Someone’s sexual essence in my mouth is like having the person’s entire beauty in my mouth - very intimate - unexplainably beautiful.” And another: “I enjoy it very much. I like it because I love cock, especially that of the person I love. I love the feel of it - the look, of it, the smell of it. I love it because it is part of the person I love.” Still another: “It is the ultimate in mental and spiritual communication of one’s feelings and caring.” Finally: “I like the feeling of his dick sliding down my throat, and the jerking movement a man’s dick makes when he comes in my throat.”

Pan Magazine XXI (1985) 27

515: A 30-year-old American father of two, recalling his own childhood, said that when he was nine he was in the house of a young man of about twenty, a friend of his brother. The man invited him into his bedroom, where he showed the boy an erection and suggested, “Why don’t you put it into your mouth?” He complied with the request and found it an interesting experience. It didn’t excite him sexually, but it did please him.[18]

A man says about his 12-year-old boy-friend, “He likes very much to be caressed or sucked. I don’t think it’s so important that he’s not active. For me maybe the most important thing is that he likes what I’m doing to him. I can have a climax just by sucking him. I’m excited because he likes it so much.”[19]

This coincides with what a member of the Gay Liberation group said: “My pleasure is as intense when I’m sucking as when I’m sucked. If sucking, I want to get the whole penis in my mouth, as deeply, anyhow, as I can stand it.” (Revolt, 1973-1)

Just as with masturbation, it is possible for both partners to perform the act on each other simultaneously, as in the well-known “69” position.

516: One of Hite’s subjects said he had his first intercourse in a brothel when he was fourteen. The sex was so enthralling that thereafter he couldn’t ever get enough of it. He left school, got a job, and spent all the money in the brothel. One of the girls taught him “69”, and this became his favorite practice. He was able to perform it in many different ways, and did it every chance he got.[20]

Another member of the Gay Liberation group said, “Sixty-nine is my favorite position. It is a mutual experience, for both do the same to each other. It is wonderful when his thighs enclose my face and I feel like I’m part of him. But it is difficult that way to climax at the same time.” One of his colleagues, however, said, “I don’t like 69 especially. It is very hard to have an orgasm that way.” (Revolt 1973-1) In the Carpentier investigation (N = 69), 78% of the adult boy-lovers said they liked fellatio, bur 10% said they liked only to do the sucking, and 3% only to be sucked.

Tripp[21] points out that in the 69-position the partner’s tongue can only play upon the least sensitive side of the penis, and, moreover, that the situation itself tends to be distracting. “To both give and receive the same kind of stimulation at the same time is confusing, much like having to enjoy receiving a back-rub while giving one.” The problem is not unlike that of the simultaneous orgasm. It may, in fantasy, seem like an ideal achievement. “But in practice it is so disappointing that experienced partners, especially if they are well matched, try to avoid it.” The enjoyment of your partner’s orgasm is one of the noblest and most precious experiences in sex.[22] In order to obtain your own, however, you have to concentrate on your own feelings: this is a solo endeavor[23] and makes it next to impossible to pay attention to your partner’s sensations. “Since a person’s awareness of everything external is at a minimum during his own climax, simultaneous orgasm binds both partners to each other at precisely the wrong moment.”[24] It is better for partners to have their orgasms separately.

Pan Magazine VI (1980) 2

While licking or sucking a penis is considered by experts to involve little risk of AIDS transmission, they advise avoiding emission of sperm in the mouth. Sperm is one carrier of the fatal virus, and there are often tiny abrasions (from a bitten lip, a recent use of dental floss) in the mouth, and here sperm might meet blood and infect it (Buro GVO 1986).

But even if fellatio carried through to ejaculation should be avoided unless one is certain there is no chance of infection, that is no reason to avoid discussing it here, for our study must concern itself with how boys think about boy/man and boy/boy sex, and investigation reveals that many boys will of their own free will and quite spontaneously suck their partners’ penises without being pressed to do so.

Even before the AIDS epidemic, some individuals would only suck a penis if their partners promised to withdraw before ejaculation. For others, however, taking sperm in the mouth, tasting it, swallowing it, is a very important pleasure, and it can be profoundly satisfying for the inserter, too, to feel his seed being drunk.

Haeberle[25] wrote: “Many women enjoy having the man ejaculate into their mouths and, in fact, love the taste of warm semen”,  adding the same about men. Masters & Johnson,[26] however, noted a difference: most men performing homosexual fellatio swallowed the ejaculate, while most women, steady as well as casual partners, didn’t.

It isn’t at all unusual for boys to lick their own semen off their fingers after masturbating. Pilgrim[27] actually recommends that boys do this; it is certainly one way a boy can get used to receiving sperm in his mouth and come to enjoy it.

One of the members of the Gay Liberation group said, “At first I never wanted to have the semen in my mouth. I didn’t want to taste it. But one partner persuaded me. I had a sore throat and he said, ‘Swallow the sperm; it’s good for your throat.’ He was right!” (Revolt, 1973-1)

517: One of Friday’s subjects had the following fantasy: “I think of how beautiful it would be if there were one hundred naked boys between the ages of thirteen and fifteen standing in a line with big wonderful hard-ons. I would be on my knees on a soft-cushioned conveyor belt, stopping before each lovely hard on and then proceed to suck the heavenly come out of each cock. I would even suck and swallow the remaining drops of come juice that were still in the shaft of each cock after it had shot its wad.”[28]

Pan Magazine XVIII (1984) 4

518: Another of Friday’s subjects,[29] a married lawyer, told how, as a boy of eleven, a thirty year-old man invited him to share his changing cubicle at the local swimming pool. “As soon as I was naked, he began to fondle my cock and balls. I was frightened and submitted without protest. Then he had me lie down on a small bench while he sucked me to an immature climax. When he was finished, here moved his swimming suit and stood in front of me, legs slightly apart (I was now sitting on the bench). Taking hold of my hand, he directed it to his cock and had me ‘feel’ him until he became stiff. Then he made me suck him until he shot his load into my mouth. When he came, he held my head to prevent my pulling away, and I was forced to swallow most of his cum. I kept this incident to myself, but took it in stride. In fact, over the years I have fantasized about it while masturbating, and have enjoyed it in retrospect.”

519: Another eleven-year-old didn’t go quite this far – and later regretted he hadn’t: “In our teens, I couldn’t bring myself to swallow his come, but now in my fantasy (and probably in reality too, if given the chance) I swallow gallons of it as it squirts into my mouth.” The 48-year-old man who wrote this was married and the father of two boys.[30]

520: A 55-year-old Dutch musician said the following about his boy-friend: “When Ben is in the mood he is insatiable: he can keep on doing it all afternoon. He takes the greatest delight in sucking; he does it without any urging on my part. Recently especially, he insists on me ejaculating in his mouth, and then he drinks it. He doesn’t himself get any sperm yet; he is only thirteen.”[31]

Delighting in puns, American boy-love erotic fiction writer Casimir Dukahz[32] says of a youngster that he is likely to succeed, but spells it “suck-seed”!

It can make quite a difference to the inserter whether or not his partner swallows his semen - and, if so, how. Some receive the ejaculation but expectorate it immediately thereafter. The same man from Gay Liberation quoted above said, “I like it most when my partner swallows my semen, but if he doesn’t want to, he can take my cock out of his mouth: that’s not so important. But it feels wonderful to come in his mouth, and the pleasure is twice as nice if he keeps my cock in his mouth for a while afterwards.” (Revolt, 1973-1) When the partners love one another, it is an expression of the most profound intimacy to swallow the other’s semen, to drain the conduit through which it was ejaculated by sucking, to press the last drops out of it and lick them up. To him who receives, this can symbolize their complete unity.

521: A 16-year-old French youth said, “Sucking is the best way to participate in the pleasure you give. When you do it, you have the keenest appreciation of the spasms, the trembling and the wave of lust you arouse.”[33]

Hass[34] quotes an American girl: “I love giving head and not only because it makes him happy, but because it turns me on. I like the feeling of his hardness in my mouth and I like drinking his come. What’s better than that is hearing him groan and feeling his body tense as he starts to come.”

There have always been men and boys, as well as girls, with an extraordinary passion for drinking semen. The famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra is said to have started doing that when she was nine years old; she publicly boasted that she had sucked off over one thousand males, and during the course of one banquet she performed the act on one hundred Roman officers.[35]

522: A fifteen-year-old French girl reported, “He took my hand and placed it upon his member. I had never touched an erect penis. At the same time he taught me how to rub it. Then he took hold of my neck and pushed my head down, not violently but forcefully. He said I should do this to him because he loved me and he didn’t want to abuse me since I was too young for coitus. As soon as I began to suck his penis he started to tremble and pant heavily. And right away I liked what I was doing, because I could feel how much lustful pleasure I was giving him, making him lose his senses, and giving me a kind of dominance over him. When he came in my mouth I was a bit surprised, found it slightly disgusting, but he told me to keep on, and I swallowed his sperm. Since then, over the last six months, I’ve done it to him frequently. He has never pressured me for anything else. Gradually I’ve come to like it more and more, and often it is I who takes the initiative.”[36]

Pan Magazine XX (1984) 24

A McDonald tale which has a ring of truth and is said to be told by an elderly American: “I was 12 when I came to San Francisco, having run away from my home in a small town in Oregon (…) I first got into prostitution when I became acquainted with other runaways and boys of the streets. (…) The approach was almost always made by the customer. A guy would ask a passing boy for a shoeshine. If he wanted more than a shine, we would go into an alley and he would take his cock out of his pants. Kneeling down, pretending to shine his shoes, we could suck quite easily and if anyone approached, we stopped sucking and started shining. (…) at first I would spit out the load but later I learned to like the taste and would swallow it. I only spit it out if the guy didn’t appeal to me. (…) I was a shoeshine boy until I was 16. You were considered a man at that age. Also, I was too old for the trade; the men really liked the younger boys better. But I never gave up cock sucking and I got a lot of cock.”[37]

About Vietnamese boy whores, a French medical officer reported that they sucked with a passion and swallowed the sperm down to the last drop.[38]

523: Graffito from a Parisian toilet illustrates a similar sentiment: “I’m 15. I like sucking my big brother. He’s 28. I’m pumping him with my whole mouth. I swallow his cum. It’s wonderful when he spurts it all in to my mouth.” And elsewhere: “I’m 15. I like to suck. It feels great.”[39]

In this connection, it is most interesting to note what ethnologists have observed about those New Guinea tribes where boys throughout the first phase of their initiation (roughly from their 7th to their 15th years) are obliged daily to swallow the semen of older youths (15 to 25 years) because it is believed they would not grow up into big, strong men unless they do. The boys manipulate and rub the penis of their inseminator to make it stiff, then suck it. The act “normally takes place at riversides under the guise of having a bath.” The man stands over his fellator, who kneels. At first the little boys object and feel disgusted, but “some older boy-fellators do experience vicarious erotic pleasure from homosexual fellatio, as indicated by their reports (near puberty) of their own erections while fellating a bachelor, or by certain feelings or body sensations during fellation.” “Men also know that boys joke about fellatio among themselves and that initiates favor some bachelors over others in regard to the amount and taste of their semen.” “Among boys, a fellated’s penis size is not accorded much importance, whereas his seminal fluid, amount of flow, etc., is.” “Bachelors likewise favor certain boys over others: those who are more attractive to them are either more or less sexually aggressive and/or willing to perform fellatio.”[40]

If the partners have a strong bond with one another, the swallowing of semen may be experienced as an act of deep unification. Thus a 32-year-old, Frenchman said, “I love taking his seed deep in my throat. I adore it, because it gives me the feeling I’m loving the boy’s entire body.”[41]

Pan Magazine XV (1983)

We have had occasion to quote several times from the fine New Zealand book of sexual instruction for adolescents written by Tuohy & Murphy. In these matters it simply advises, “If he comes into your mouth, don’t move. Feel how his cock throbs in spasms emptying out. Swallow the come “there’s only a tea-spoonful though it feels sometimes like you’re drowning. Enjoy and participate together.” (1976, 226)[42]

The same book quotes a girl: “After I’d had a guy come in my mouth a few times I managed to identify the taste. It reminded me of salami. Since then I’ve found quite a variation; some hardly taste at all.”

Humphreys[43] observed anonymous sex in lavatories. Usually it was the older partner who sucked the younger. “Some insertees retain the seminal fluid and swallow it: others clear their throats and spit it out. In one fifth of the encounters observed, I noted that the insertee spit following the ejaculation of his partner. One respondent claimed that he only spits it out ‘when it tastes bad’. ‘The variety of tastes is unbelievable! You can almost tell what a person’s diet is by what it tastes like. A person with a good, well-balanced ordinary diet, the fluid has a very mild, tangy, salty flavor. A person who has been drinking heavily - even if they aren’t drunk or suffering from a hang-over, if they drink a lot - the stuff tastes like alcohol. And I mean pure, rot-gut alcohol, the vilest taste in the world!’ ”

Questioned by Hite, some men said about the taste of sperm, “I don’t hesitate to swallow these men, since it has a taste of the sea.” “I don’t like the bitter taste of some semen.” “I enjoy the taste.” “I did once get and swallow a mouthful that was more bitter than any other I had had but I swallowed it anyway.” “Sometimes it is quite bitter.” “It doesn’t always taste the greatest, it depends on the man and whether he has good hygiene. But some cum tastes great. I highly recommend it.” “As to liking it, yes and no. It depends on the person’s bodily chemistry. There is a chemical in the fluid that makes it peppery tasting and sometimes it can be strong and sort of burn your throat. Other people have rather sweet-tasting fluid. It varies.”[44]

524: (Continued from 135) “In his 14th and 15th years, Marcel liked to swallow my sperm. To me that was a very exciting sight: this fresh, handsome boy’s face, with his lips stretched wide around my cock and his cheeks moving with his avid sucking. After I’d come he would lick it clean, very carefully. And he would tell me, ‘Yesterday you had some wine: I can taste it.’ He was always right when he said that. What I like best is for the boy not to swallow the sperm but keep it in his mouth, then lie down on me and press his lips against mine in a deep kiss, so we are then both filled with the pungent, spicy taste of semen.” (Personal communication)

Certainly oral sex is one of the most exciting and stimulating techniques.

Peter Schult

525: One night Peter Schult was walking near the zoo railway station in Berlin “when this little fellow of 13 or 14 smiled at me and more or less offered me his company. We roamed around some cafes and then disappeared into the Tiergarten, where I wanted to be jerked off, as usual. To my surprise, the boy knelt down, took my cock into his mouth, started playing with his tongue delicately on the glans, simultaneously moving his head back and forth, making my cock dance between his lips. Sensations awakened in me I had never known before. This was entirely new - and at the same time so utterly delightful as to send continuous shudders of pleasure up and down my spine. After a few minutes I sensed a great fountain welling up down there, still dammed but ready to burst out. I urged the boy’s head slightly back and whispered, ‘Look out - it’s coming!’, but he broke off what he was doing for only a second or two and whispered, ‘Let it go - I like to swallow it!’, and instantly he made my cock disappear deep into his mouth. I could feel my sperm surge up in several jets, felt a tickling in my spinal cord, shivers of lust race through my body which was vibrating in ecstasy. Then I felt his lips pressing around my glans and sucking from it the last drop, while at the same time every nerve of my cock signalled  its entire satisfaction. I nearly passed out leaning against that tree, and for several minutes I was incapable of speaking a single word or thinking clearly. I caressed the boy mechanically, knowing I had never before in my whole life enjoyed greater sexual satisfaction, and I doubted whether I would again. I think ever since I’ve been looking for a similar climax of sexual ecstasy, but I’ve never found it.”[45]

Certainly many men would agree with an American who said, “Fellatio is the high point in every man’s sexual experience, surpassed only by fellatio to orgasm!”[46] According to Hite’s statistics, reproduced in the Dutch edition,[47] only 5% to 7% didn’t like it, and only 1% to 5% had never tried it. Even among heterosexually inclined men, 18% to 23% wanted to try it with another male, and 19% to 21% had actually done so. The idea is fascinating to many. As for boys, Wilson, discussing why so many felt attracted to men like Osborne, wrote in a previously quoted passage that they greatly enjoy being fellated.

526: Some of Hass’s subjects said:
17-year-old boy: The feeling was terrific. I was surprised that the “kiss” (what a polite way to term it) was such a sensational thing.
17-year-old boy: It just totally turns me on.
16-year-old boy: The first time it happened it was a huge turn-on. I felt kind of awed that there were so many ways to get pleasure from sex.
17-year-old boy: Very good. Superior! I felt the girl truly did love me. Especially when she swallowed the sperm.[48]

We have already quoted the first few lines of this excellent poem by “Antler”[49] while discussing nudity. It goes on to give an especially fine description of the effect of fellatio on a boy.

Now silent, deep-breathing, motionless,
Completely given, to the experience of homosexual joy,
Completely lost in total abandon to the swirling tongue, to the sucking mouth
As the boy loving lover performs his love
Feasting not only on the cock and balls,
But the whole crotch, Service divine, delicately done,
Yet fierce with devotion, with worship.

Yes, how many boys so boisterous and punky before,
Are reduced to silent naked forms gazing at the passionate ravishing blowjob mouth with awe
Finding it hard to believe anything could feel so good.
How many boyhoods distilled into the unquestionable essence of a whispered sigh,
The look of absolute ecstasy on their face,
Tamed and made gentle again by the blowjob mouth.

To someone who is not used to it, the sucking role may at first seem somewhat humiliating or unmanly. It was viewed that way in the classical world of Greece and Rome.[50] Many boys are elated to have a big, powerful adult man down on his knees, or hovering over their loins, ministering to their young cocks. In any case, the sight of a man sucking on his cock is most exciting to a great number of boys. After becoming more experienced, most boys soon come to think of the practice as a fine expression of love or the desire to elicit delight. It becomes, with practice, more and more a normal way of making love, and inner resistance to the idea gradually fades away.[51] Perhaps one day the man’s cock, during the course of their intimacies, comes close to the boy’s head, and the boy spontaneously takes it into his mouth. At first he is usually clumsy, but with practice and a little help from his partner, his zeal and dexterity grows.

Other boys take to the practice almost immediately. Perhaps they have already anticipated it in their fantasies. The oral erotic zone, moreover, seems to be more sexually excitable in boys than in girls, for whom the breast is more important.[52] Thus sucking and licking in itself is usually pleasurable to boys. It is hardly far-fetched to relate this pleasure to the pleasure they felt when as babies they suckled on their mothers’ breasts.[53]

Pan Magazine II (1979) 32

527: A 15-year-old boy said, after performing cunnilingus on his girl-friend, “It really made me feel good when she reached climax. I didn’t expect it. I was so excited I came also.”

Another 15-year-old: “When I was ten I fellated my best friend. I only did it once, but I really enjoyed it.”[54]

528: (Continued from 509) Rolfe passed a wild afternoon with his Venetian boy Piero. They mutually performed interfemoral intercourse. Rolfe wrote to a friend, “You can’t think what a beautiful creature he really is, young, strong as a horse, slim and lithe and supple as a serpent, magnificently virile, with soft downy skin and firm hot flesh, sweet as a baby’s. I asked him about sucking, No, he had never done nor had it; but gladly would he from me. Did one drink? Yes. Ah, what a beautiful diversion!”[55]

That the idea of fellatio isn’t very far removed from a boy’s thoughts can be seen by the large number of youngsters who, around the age of puberty, try to satisfy themselves in this manner.[56] No more than 0.2% actually succeed in performing auto-fellatio.[57] Photos and films confirm the feasibility, and the sensations so produced have been described in detail by an anonymous American in a booklet called Young Boys and Fellatio (1974, no publisher given). His primary sensation was of sucking: this was his principal pleasure. His own penis was merely a substitute for the penis of an absent partner. The act was not easy to perform, and it was only after a lot of practice that he was able to do it at all: he would lock his arms around his upper thighs and thus draw his not very large penis toward his head until he could take it entirely in his mouth and was even able to caress his scrotum with his lips and tongue.

Bieber found that in a number of his subjects their preference was for sucking rather than being sucked. One boy “sought out virile-looking men, the type he wished to be like, for the purpose of performing fellatio upon them.” Another described his feelings during the act as follows: “It’s as if there were only one penis and he had it; when I sucked it, it was mine.”[58]

529: (Continued from 498) Guyotat goes on with his description of 15-year-old Pino’s meeting with the general in an extended (and psychologically most interesting) passage. The general recalls a time when Pino was sitting before him and a frog jumped onto the boy’s thigh. He had said, ‘Look. It obviously likes to sit on you.’

“ ‘It has smelled a fountain, General.’

“ ‘A fountain?’

“ ‘Others have drunk there and and said its waters were good and satisfying.’

“ ‘Cool?’

“ ‘They’re boiling when they erupt.’

Tombeau pour cinq cent mille soldats by Pierre Guyotat

“ ‘Clear and light?’

“ ‘Heavy, thick as milk, but after they’ve been out a bit they’re very fluid.’

“ ‘And when can you drink from it? When does it taste the best?’

“ ‘In the afternoon, or after sunset.’

“ ‘Is it easy to approach?’

“ ‘Yes. One sits on one’s heels, supported by one’s knees on the floor, to the left and to right of the fountain; one lowers one’s head to the surface of the water, pushing the grass aside, and drinks by sucking; the water spurts into your face; you sense the aroma; the water runs over your lips, your chin, your cheeks.’

“ ‘And how do you cause the fountain to sit up?’

“ ‘It does that all by itself; as soon as it hears the steps and the lips approach its bed.’

“ ‘And when it doesn’t like these steps and these lips?’

“ ‘Then it stays asleep.’ “

They hear a soldier approaching. The general hides. The soldier sees Pino.

“ ‘So…, little bastard, you’re sleeping naked now?’ “

With a sigh, Pino turns over, covers his genitals with his hands. The soldier wraps his fingers around Pino’s penis.

“ ‘Everyone knows you’re doing it with the general. It’s in your blood, like it’s in the blood of whores.’

“ ‘In the first place, the general doesn’t even touch me. In the second place, you’re jealous because every woman lusts after me and is disgusted when she sees you naked. I don’t have to run after them. They never ask me for money. You …’

“ ‘Shut up, Pino. You just wait. You won’t always be so young and fresh.’ “

The soldier takes Pino’s shoes, because he wants to borrow them, and rubs the boy’s buttocks with their soles.

“ ‘Do it again. That feels good!’ ”

The soldier, excited, continues teasing the boy.

“Pino laughs loudly, stretches out flat on the mattress, opens his arms, then crosses them under his neck. (…) With one hand the soldier rubs Pino’s belly with the sole of the shoe, with the other fondles the boy’s nipples and tickles him under his arms. Pino’s cock, with the glans uncovered, twitching, getting hard, raises, points toward the upper bunk. Pino arches his lower body until his cock-tip touches the bunk above. The soldier suddenly grasps hold of the cock, pinches it, flattens it downwards. Pino howls with pain, takes the soldier’s hands and pulls them off, frees his cock. Smeared with the soldier’s sweat, it goes slack, collapses down against his thigh.”

The soldier goes away.

“Pino whimpers, writhing upon the mattress, his hand comforting his cock.”

The general comes out of hiding and squats in front of the mattress.

“ ‘He wanted to break it! They’re all jealous. One day they’ll grab it and break it.’

“ ‘Tell me where it hurts, you poor little boy!’ “

The general bows his head over Pino’s stomach, takes the trembling penis, raises it in the hollow of his hand and kisses it.

“ ‘Go away. Leave me alone. It’ll only get stiff for women!’ “

Pino tries to free himself. He wants to turn over, but the general continues to hold him.’

“One of the general’s hands slides half-way under Pino’s bottom; a finger of the other hand lightly touches the rim of his anus, returns to the penis, tracing with its tip the seam between his thighs. While the cock bends from both sides of the thighs’ vice, a finger presses at its swollen root, feels the living olives on either side. His whole hand encircles these soft and lukewarm balls; a fingernail presses upon them. Pino is now moaning. His cock has become very hard, stretching the skin around it: belly, thigh, testes. Then he turns toward the general, who is kneeling at his side and whose fingers continue to grope, his face dripping from the boy’s sweat and body warmth. Pino stretches at full length, then puts one leg across the other, encircles the general’s neck with both arms.”

Pino warns the general that the sentry may arrive any moment. The general whispers:

The English translation of Guyotat's novel

“ ‘You are my hunting dog with his little red tail.’

“ ‘Little? You’ll change your mind when you get it inside your mouth or your ass!’

“ ‘Don’t be coarse.’

“ ‘You like me when I’m coarse. The filthier my language is the stiffer you get. My commander, the sentry is coming. Go to the cellar and hide there. I’ll come to you later.’

“The boy puts his lips to the general’s ear and says, ‘And then I’ll jerk you off and suck you.’ “

The general goes away “with his hard cock nearly bursting”. The sentry arrives and leaves. Pino puts on a sweater and goes to where the general is waiting for him. The general gives Pino some money, and Pino loosens the general’s trousers.

“The penis pops up against Pino’s nose, gently, powerful, swollen with sperm. The boy bites it, seizes it with his fingers and puts it into his mouth. His other hand caresses, kneads the balls, tickles the inner side of the thighs. Keeping the cock inside his mouth, he rubs it softly, and then, feeling the semen begin to surge, takes it out of his mouth, presses it against his cheek, kisses it, pushes it against his forehead. Then, raising himself a bit more, he rubs his neck and breast with it. The general exhales deeply, pulls the boy’s hair, pants, his legs rigid. (…) The sperm spurts over the boy’s face: his cheeks and nose; his eyebrows are dripping with it. The boy opens his mouth, inserts the cock-tip into it. Semen is still jetting out of it inside his mouth; it runs between his teeth, beneath his tongue - heavy, lukewarm, like blood. The boy empties the penis by pressing it, both his hands flat upon the general’s thighs. He presses his fingers into them, pulling the skin of the buttocks upwards, and continues to suck, sniffing, alternately puffing out his cheeks and making them grow hollow. The sperm he has sucked in becomes more fluid, hotter. The explosion of the last slimy threads makes the general sigh. The boy continues to suck, but now the spring is dry. His lips slurp, then open abruptly. He removes the penis from his mouth, licks his lips, reaching his nose with the tip of his tongue.”

Afterwards, he straightens up the general’s clothes.

“Then he wipes the sperm from his face with his hands and licks his hands clean. His fingers push into his mouth. In the semi-darkness the general sees the gleam of the boy’s neck as he swallows spittle mixed with the man’s semen. And as he watches this, the boy swallowing his sperm, eating it, his penis begins to stiffen anew. Pino notices.”

The boy opens a door, allowing light to enter the cellar, and plays suggestively, smiling, with his cock and balls.

“ ‘Demon! Demon! Infamous boy, how can you stand yourself this way, with your dirty hands and polluted lips? The women who make love to you will know you’re a whore, see the traces of love and salacity that men have left behind upon your body. (…) Go away, I don’t want to see you anymore.’

Pan Magazine XVII (1983) 9

“ ‘As soon as you’ve left me your belly will be churning again.’

“ ‘I don’t ever want to love a boy again. Take me to your whores. I’ve never slept with a woman. (…) But I cannot make love to someone who isn’t my equal.’

“ ‘And yet I’m your subordinate.’

“ ‘When I touch you, I touch myself.’

“ ‘It’s just the same with a woman.’

“ ‘No. I’m infamous. I seduce you and do evil things.’

“ ‘You’re not the first, my commander. And I like you.’

“ ‘Shut up!’

“ ‘Your semen tastes like milk. (…) I’ve liked the taste for a long, long time. It’s like the first milk I ever sucked.’ ”[59]

“Semen is a clean, harmless substance which can be swallowed without any ill effects. The only exception is the contaminated semen of a man who is suffering from a venereal disease.”[60] It is regrettable that the spread of AIDS has made it risky unless one is certain that the sucked person is free of the virus. According to old, widespread traditions, the male semen is not only clean and harmless, but its ingestion is even beneficial.        

There are ancient Greek myths about its magic power.[61] We have had occasion several times to mention the New Guinea tribes, where drinking semen is considered indispensable for the growth and pubertal development of boys.[62] The Sambia boys not only swallow the sperm, but after sucking they also rub it on their faces and chests in the hope that by so doing it will make them shiny-nosed, glistening and handsome.[63] The Kimam tribe rub the cuts inflicted on boys during initiation rites with sperm from older men, for this is regarded as an excellent medicine.[64] To obtain the sperm, the betrothed, often a very young girl, has to copulate with some ten men, one after another, following which the mixture of semen and female secretions flow out of her vagina.[65] The Gowai put the sperm produced by homosexual activities on their arrows.[66] “Among the Marind, men believed semen helped heal wounds, stimulated the libido when eaten, and improved plant growth.”[67] An English visitor to Tahiti reported in 1804 that he had seen men emitting semen into the mouths of others, who eagerly swallowed it “as if it were the vigor and force of the other; thinking no doubt thus to restore to himself greater strength.” Today, still, “they really believe it is first class food for them.[68] In Tibet a boy had to drink the sperm of his teacher in order to be impregnated by his wisdom and spiritual energy.[69]

In other cases, the sperm of adolescents is seen as a medicine for feeble and dying people.[70] In one Australian aborigine tribe, just as with the Kimams mentioned above, it is procured by six or more youths taking a strong young woman to some secluded spot where they have coitus with her one after the other. Afterwards the woman stands and the supposedly curative liquids from her vulva are collected.[71]          

Many years ago in Europe sperm was a common ingredient of medicines.[72] The French physiologist Brown-Seguard recommended subcutaneous injections or enemas with fresh semen to increase vital energy, a practice of which von Romer[73] approved. “When held for some time in the mouth it produces a warmth similar to spices,” John Hunter observed, and this may have suggested it possessed vital stimulant qualities.[74] In former times when chlorosis in young abstinent girls was common, it was thought it could be quickly cured by intercourse and the absorption of semen through the vaginal membrane.[75] In any case, its absorption in the blood heightens a woman’s feeling of well-being after intercourse.[76]            

And so the conviction that sperm cures is still alive. Research has shown that semen does have one of the properties of penicillin: it kills bacteria.[77] Prostaglandine, one of the hormones in semen, may be the active agent. Some people even believe sperm can cure throat infections:

530: (Continued from 505) Onno saw the health of his severely ill friend make a rapid improvement after he ejaculated in the man’s mouth. (Personal communication)


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Anon. 63,   22 September 2021

The putative healthful properties of semen may not be entirely apocryphal. Prostaglandins constitute a family of natural chemical substances involved in a host of physiologic processes including inflammation, renal circulatory heath, gastric mucosal protection and cardiovascular homeostasis. As the name suggests, this class of compounds was initially identified in prostatic secretions. Bull semen, for example, was a traditional Chinese remedy for treatment of peptic ulcer.