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three pairs of lovers with space



Panthology Three, subtitled “a collection of boy-love stories”, was published in January 1984 by The Coltsfoot Press, a publisher in Amsterdam dedicated exclusively to pederastic publications. The stories are by various authors, but all the volumes were edited by the American writer Frank Torey (1928-96). This article serves as both a synopsis and a review of the third volume’s content. The original list of contents is represented in brown.

Foreword [by the book’s editor]

As the majority world, rotating majestically on its heterosexual axis, discovers the delights of persecuting its paedophile minority, writing boy-lovers are rapidly finding their voice. It is a very independent voice, with little knee-jerk support for conventional thinking. We hear it not only in the paedophile journals themselves but also, increasingly, in the gay press (outside of Great Britain). But it is in fiction that they have voiced their concerns and preoccupations most forcefully. Let us look at what has been on the minds (and absent from the minds) of Panthology authors.

First of all, they show little enthusiasm for religion. In War on Earth, Wren reproduces with all its sententiousness the rhetoric of an American Bible-belt preacher – with hilarious results in the case of one bored 14-year-old. Colantuono has some sharp things to say in passing about the hatred and intolerance of the conventionally pious. But what is even more striking is that none of these writers are inclined to examine their love and sex feelings by light of the established religion of the culture, they inhabit – not surprisingly, for Christianity has redefined 'love' to mean deity-worship, and real love, human love, together with its natural expression in sex, as sin. Thus reveries tend to cluster, historically, in pre-Christian times (Lund and Darling) and, geographically, in non-Westernized areas (Hakim and Bishop).

Front cover by Mario de Graaf

Little good is said about psychoanalysis and other schools of mind philosophy dressing up the Christian sex ethic in medical or pseudo-scientific vocabulary, nor, for that matter, politics: there is no impulse to explain the forbidding of minority love patters by capitalist repression, property fixation, the chattelization of wife and offspring. They are too busy examining their experiences and their dreams – and perhaps they are distrustful of intellectual systems which allow little leeway for the highly unconventional.

For love is their theme – with the emphasis either upon the idealistic, self-sacrificing variety leading to durable relationships which mellow with the boys' maturity into life-long friendships (the vision of Lund, Waters, Spence and Colantuono), or the visceral, sensuous passion of a man enraptured totally, inexplicably with a boy corresponding to some ideal boy-vision carried, seemingly, from the very roots of his ancestral memory (Wood, Darling, Hakim, Edward, Pitt).

Once again Louis Colantuono is represented in a Panthology volume, this time with two tales which, although fiction, are imbedded in the very real setting of family, home, business and “lover-boys” he had before the California authorities imprisoned him for expressing his volcanic love sexually. In the meantime he has written a massive autobiography, the first volume of which, The Trucker and the Teens, we will bring out early in 1984 and in which most of the subsidiary characters of Chris and The Gremmie play their important real-life roles.

Also early in 1984 we will publish Casimir Dukahz’s third work of fiction, It's a Boy! And a collection of stories and a novella set in modern Greece called Attic Adolescent by Bob Henderson who contributed the delightful Takis to our first Panthology volume.

We hope that anyone who enjoys these stories will ask us for our free brochures and flyers describing these and other boy-love books we offer. Write The Coltsfoot Press, c/o Spartacus, Post Box 3496, NLI00I AG Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Contents [list, synopsis and review]

To me, the stories in this third Panthology are as varied in quality as the others, but I fear saying this may be arrogant; it might be fairer to say that they cater to wildly different tastes and that it is a triumph of the editor to have come up with something for everyone. For example, Hakim Bey is a widely respected intellectual, so I feel bound to admit my difficulty digesting his “texts” here and elsewhere may reflect poorly on me rather than his writing. Having said that, however, one surely has to be honest about what one appreciates: in this volume it is humour that I find triumphant, above all McLaughlin’s. A subtler kind also underlies Steven Wood’s apparently outrageous and very readable tale.

6 Billy / Meriwether Wren

Long Texan dialogues involving a young man, his friend, his ambiguously “gay” father, and the whore’s son of about 15 whom the father picks up in a gay bar. PDF.

22 The Thing / Alan Edward

A pupil at a girls’ school is caught in class playing with something never seen before in the school. Interrogated by the headmistress, it emerges that the thing belongs to an impostor from a boys’ school who had changed places with his sister as a bet, and correction of its rigid state is the headmistress’ duty. No Greek love in this comedy.

Back cover by Mario de Graaf

26 Three Visions / Kevin Esser

Three erotic stories with no real plots, but lyrically evocative descriptions of boys and sex with them, set in Marrakesh, Tangier and Mexico. PDF.

39 More Mischiefs / Ian McLaughlin

Two episodes of sexual innuendo about the narrator, his knowing 13-year-old nephew Robin and another boy, similar but even wittier than that in Panthology One, making McLaughlin the British equivalent of Dukahz at his best. PDF.

45 Nineteen Imitations of Abu Nowas / Hakim

Some good poems celebrating boys in the style of the classic Arabic master of Greek love verse, but “with no apologies for bringing him up to date.” PDF.

54 War on Earth / Meriwether Wren

An American boy listening to a preacher’s sermon about the angels of Lucifer tempting man to sins of the flesh is inspired to become one and seduce a devout young man. PDF.

60 The Age of Gold / J. Darling

Determined to entice the Roman emperor Nero from the power of women, his praetorian prefect produces a beautiful boy of 12 from Delphi with oracular powers, who delivers a cosmology rich in pederasty, including the most famous tales of boys and gods (but more fellatio than an ancient would have considered tasteful). PDF.

78 The Gremmie / Louis A. Colantuono

The tale, which sounds no more fictional than American lorry-driver Colantuono’s other writing, of redemption of a twelve-year-old thief caught breaking into the author/narrator’s boat. A main character is Jerry, 13, who has lived with Colantuono and his wife for a year and addresses them as his parents and might as well be their son for the purposes of this story except that he shares “Daddy”’s bed and this is, extraordinarily, known to their friends. PDF.

92 Del / John Bishop

A young man on indefinite holiday in a tropical country watches a boy he has just fucked on his bed and contemplates the warm sensuality, freedom and easy-going attitudes to sex of local boys compared to behaviour in his homeland. Beautifully evocative. PDF.

99 Mirage / Daryl Waters

A Englishman living in an Arab country who has taken on a loving houseboy is disturbed by the mirage of a stunning but disdainful German blond of 13 or 14. By chance, the latter’s father employs him to tutor Emil, as the boy is called. Emil finds more interesting uses for him, but his interest proves fleeting compared to the houseboy’s. PDF.

105 One Night, One Day / Steven Wood

Middle-aged Bob spots a beauty of 12 in King’s Cross station and concocts a wildly devious scheme to bed him. This is the sort of story that told with a few omissions would be perfectly calculated to feed the public hysteria of “paedophiles” as evil predators. The realistic inclusions that make it palatable and homourous are that Bob is no potential rapist and the boy is complicit rather than innocent. The story is riveting for what I suspect are realistic insights into the lengths that those made sexually desperate will go. PDF.

123 Artificial Fires and Other Texts / Hakim

Three texts with evocative but barely-digestible pederastic musings by the anarchist intellectual Hakim Bey aka Peter Lamborn Wilson. PDF.

132 Chris / Louis A. Colantuono

A simple and happy story of Colantuono’s open dalliance with a local hippie boy at his sea-side home with the knowledge and easy acceptance of the boy’s mother and the tolerance of his own wife, just about imaginable in its early eighties setting as a throwback to the most laid-back mores of the preceding decade. PDF.

143 A Boy's Love and a Whore's Oath / Meriwether Wren

A satire about a super-rich American businessman and his spoilt 14-year-old son who steals from him to finance running away with his lover when his father cuts off his allowance in a attempt to end his affair with the man. PDF.


Contributed by Edmund Marlowe, May 2021.




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