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three pairs of lovers with space



This is Steven Freeman’s index of the names he mentioned in Special Friendships, his unpublished book about the depiction of close friendships between men and boys in film, which is introduced here. The references he gave to the page numbers of his manuscript are here omitted as superfluous for an online edition. The reader wishing to find what he wrote about these people is advised to use the search facility at the top right of the page, specifying “Exact Phrase” when the results appear.


Index by name

In keeping with the spirit of this book, the boys’ names are picked out in italics below. In no sense should this be taken as a sifting of the better or more talented boy actors of cinema. Many important and prolific young actors do not appear on this list simply because the films they made do not fit even obliquely into the Special Friendships genre. Others have received only a token name-check, when there is much to be said about their talents or performances. There simply was no space here to write a pocket review of each separate title that has attracted comment.


Joss Ackland            Aeschyllus              
The Agamemnon   
Josh Albee                 
Edward Albert Jr      
Brian Aldiss            
Alexander the Great          
Irwin Allen             
Tim Allen                
Nico Almasan           
Pedro Almodovar  
Leon Ames             
John Amos              
Kazuhito Ando        
Bjorn Andressen       
Ellen Andrews       
Jean-Jacques Annaud
F. Anstey                 
Curtis Arden            
Rosanna Arquette 
Anthony Asquith  
Richard Attenborough
Mili Avatal 

Ralph Bakshi          
Ovidu Balan             
Christian Bale          
Lex Barker               
J. M. Barrie              
Wesley Barry            
Lionel Barrymore  
Freddie Bartholomew  
Buzz Barton
Alan Bates               
Guy Bedos               
Wallace Beery         
Ann Bell                  
Jamie Bell                 
Peter Benchley       
David Bennent         
Samy Ben Youb
Ingrid Bergman      
Busby Berkeley      
Bernardo Bertolucci
Andrew Birkin       
Nahuel Perez Biscayart
Lucas Black
Linda Blair              
Dirk Bogarde                      
Milan Borich            
Max Born                 
Yale Boss                  
Pierre Boulanger   
Ray Bradbury         
David Bradley                     
Klaus Maria Brandauer
Marlon Brando
Walter Brennan      
Arthur Bresson Jr 
Benjamin Britten    
Matthew Broderick
Charles Bronson    
Gibran Brown           
Horst Buchholz      
Kim Burfield             
Kolya Burlyayev       
Sebastian Buss

James Cagney         
Michael Caine        
Brandon Call            
James Cameron      
Kirk Cameron           
Jean-Pierre Cargol    
Tommy Carlton        
John Carpenter      
Salvatore Cascio       
John Cassavetes     
Jean Roger Caussimon
Renato Cestié
Charles Chaplin     
Fabien Chombart      
Julie Christie          
Chris Cleary Miles   
Montgomery Clift 
James Coburn         
Junior Coghlan         
Gregoire Colin                      
Sean Connery         
Chuck Connors
Jackie Coogan           
Jackie Cooper
Don Coscarelli
Kevin Costner        
Johnny Crawford     
Donald Crisp                      
Quentin Crisp        
Rupert Crosse        
Tom Cruise             
Alexis Cruz             
Kieran Culkin           
Macaulay Culkin      
Tim Curry               
Tony Curtis

William Dafoe
The Daily Telegraph
Roger Daniel          
Danse Macabre
Jaye Davidson       
John Howard Davies
Alain Dekock            
Jonathan Demme  
Gerard Depardieu
Johnny Depp                      
Brandon de Wilde     
Leonardo DiCaprio   
John Dimech             
William Dix             
Robert Donat                      
Danilo Donati                      
John Donne            
Alexis dos Santos  
Kirk Douglas                      
Melvyn Douglas    
Patty Duke              
Faye Dunaway       
Robert Duvall 
Clint Eastwood      
David Ebert              
Samantha Eggar     
Britt Ekland            
Christoph Elbsloe     
Ron Ely                    
Kaj-Erick Eriksen     
Angelo Evans

Douglas Fairbanks Snr
James Farentino     
William Faulkner   
Federico Fellini      
Jacques Feyder
Albert Finney         
Victor Fleming       
Errol Flynn              
Henry Fonda                      
Jane Fonda              
John Ford    

Jean Forest
Jodie Foster
Kay Francis             
James Franciscus   
Jeffrey Frank             
Sigmund Freud      
Brenda Fricker        
Stephen Fulford        
Eddie Furlong

Zach Galagan         
Lolo Garcia               
Emanuele Garguilo  
Leif Garrett               
Tony Gatliff            
Mel Gibson             
Richard Gibson         
John Gielgud                      
Anton Glanzelius    
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Stewart Granger    
Hugh Grant            
Gary Gray                 
Gary Grimes             
Oliver Grimm                      
The Grimm brothers
Gominic Guard        
Cary Guffey              
Eric Gurry

Lukas Haas
Billy Halop               
Lasse Halstrom      
Mark Hamill           
Linda Hamilton     
Tom Hanks            
Ed Harris                 
Richard Harris       
Rex Harrison          
Noah Hathaway       
Rutger Hauer         
Heintje (Hein Simon)
Bobby Henrey
Justin Henry            
Frank Herbert        
Eddie Hodges            
Tyler Hoechlin         
William Holden     
Barnaby Holm          
Ian Holm                 
Skippy Homeier       
Robert Hordern     
Nick Hornby          
Nicholas Hoult         
Ronnie Howard        
Huckleberry Finn
Miko Hughes            
Sam Huntington      
William Hurt                      
Pelle Hvenegaard

Peter Jackson                      
Henry James
Ivan Jandl     
Peter Jeffrey
Brigitte Kahn                      
Jonathan Kahn
Diane Keaton         
Max Kellerman
Andrew Kelly
Obiwan Kenobi
Ademir Kenovic    
Roeland Kerbosch 
Lance Kerwin
Hank Ketcham       
Stephen King                     
Rudyard Kipling    
Takeshi Kitano       
Otto Kruger            
Stanley Kubrick     
Mickey Kuhn

Alan Ladd               
Martin Landau
Jude Law                 
Philip Leacock        
David Lean             
Michel Legrand
Marco Leonardi        
Mark Lester
Josef Lindsay                      
Virna Lisi                
The Listener
Roger Livesey         
Joseph Losey                      
T.J. Lowther              
George Lucas          
Paul Lukas    
Jimmy Lydon            
David Lynch

Fergus McClelland   
Joel McCrea            
Roddy McDowall     
Doug McKeon                      
Kyle MacLachlan
Bernard MacLaverty
Fred MacMurray    
Steve McQueen      
Alexander Mackendrick
Karl Malden           
John Malkovitch    
Thomas Mann        
Gabriel Marshall-Thomson
Andrew Martin      
James Mason                      
Walter Matthau     
Chris Menges         
Adolphe Menjou  
Burgess Meredith  
Marco Mestriner
Keith Michell                     
Frank Middlemass
Hayley Mills          
John Mills               
Mark Mills              
Mills & Boon          
Bill Milner               
Kristopher Milnes    
Josh Milrad               
Mitchell & Kenyon
Robert Mitchum    
Wladyslaw Moes      
Ricardo Montalban
Archie Moore         
Dudley Moore        
Eddie Murphy

Vladimir Nabokov 
David C Naughton
Liam Neeson                      
Anthony Newley   

David Niven           
Philippe Noiret
Barry Norman        
Jay North

Austin O’Brien        
Hugh O’Conor
Oliver Twist           
Laurence Olivier    
Tatum O’Neal        
Thomas Orange
George Orwell       
Haley Joel Osment   
Maureen O’Sullivan          
Peter O’Toole         
Maria Ouspenskaya

Al Pacino                 
Manuel Padilla Jr     
Jack Palance            
Pier Paolo Pasolini
Robert Patrick        
Francesco Pau        
Gregory Peck          
Sam Peckinpah     
Caroline Pegg         
Meeno Peluce           
Anthony Perkins   
Colin Petersen                      
Petronius Arbiter  
Slim Pickens           
Mary Pickford        
Walter Pidgeon      
Max Pirkis                
Gianfranco Polidoro
Robert Preston

George Raft             
Terence Rattigan    
Michel Ray             
Robert Redford      
Michael Redgrave  
Carol Reed              
Judge Reinhold      
Brad Renfro              
Tommy Rettig                     
Ralph Richardson  
Rin Tin Tin              
Ripley’s Believe It or Not
James Robertson Justice
Edward G Robinson
Nick Robinson       
Norman Rockwell 
Mark Romanek      
Mickey Rooney      
Tim Roth                 
Heinz Rühmann   
Kurt Russell 

Philip Sarson            
Brad Savage              
Fred Savage  
Raphael Sbarge         
Hal Scardino
Ricky Schroder         
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Ridley Scott            
Ronnie Scribner        
Sean Scully               
William Shakespeare
Omar Sharif           
Johnny Sheffield      
Ravi Sheth                
Brooke Shields       
Simon Shore           
Simone Signoret
Jean Simmons        
Johnny Singer           
Marc Singer            
Christian Slater        
Maarten Smit           
Brian Smith              
Dylan Smith             
Paul Smith              
Will Smith               
David Soul              
James Spader                      
Bud Spencer           
Steven Spielberg
Paul Spurrier           
Nick Stahl
Sylvester Stallone  
Robert Louis Stevenson
Dean Stockwell         
Super Toys Last
All Summer Long
Donald Sutherland
Johnny Sutherland   
Alex Svanbjerg         
Swiss Family Robinson

Beat Takeshi           
Jonathan Taylor Thomas
John Thaw              
Henry Thomas          
Billy Bob Thornton
The Times   
Tom & Jerry            
Frank Torey               
Spencer Tracy         
Treasure Island      
François Truffaut   
Dalton Trumbo
Turn of the Screw  
Mark Twain

Guillaume le Vacher
Ronnie Valente
Jean-Claude van Damme
Ricky van Gastel      
Vice Versa               
Luchino Visconti   
Frank Vitale            
Mitch Vogel              
Max von Sydow

Alexander Walker 
Joey Walsh                
Burt Ward               
David Warner        
Ethel Waters           
John Wayne            
Johnny Weissmuller          
Tuesday Weld
Colin Welland
Wil Wheaton            
Jon Whiteley             
Richard Widmark  
Oscar Wilde            
Guy Williams
John Williams        
Robin Williams     
Bruce Willis            
Elijah Wood             
Monty Woolley
Fay Wray    

Mai Zetterling        
Fred Zinnemann    
Jérôme Zucca 


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