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THE FALLING AGE OF BOOKCOVERS (this page is nonsense and for experiment only; please ignore)

An article will follow here soon.  Here is some photographic evidence of its main point.  If you know of photos of boys from the past with verifiable ages between eleven and nineteen, please make contact.


The English historian Thomas Smart Hughes (1786-1847) stayed as a travelling tutor in Ioannina from January to May 1815, where he was hospitably received by Ali Pasha and his family.  The following excerpts are from his book, Travels in Sicily, Greece, and Albania (2 vols. London, 1820).


Describing a shooting excursion on the lake, on which he was invited by Ali’s eldest son Mouchtar Pasha, of whom he earlier reported (I 457) that “his lust is so ungovernable that he has often been known to violate women in the public streets of Ioannina”:

A young Albanian Ganymede, with flowing hair and embroidered apparel, stood behind Mouchtar, with a pitcher of wine and goblet, from which he helped his master and the rest of the party.” (II 47)

Describing a “splendid feast” at which he sat at Ali’s table: