three pairs of lovers with space



The Hindu island of Bali was gradually conquered by the Dutch between 1846 and 1908.The open practice of Greek love throughout Bali in 1881, when only the north had been brought under Dutch control, was described by Julius Jacobs, a visiting Dutch doctor.

Following their bloody extinction of its last independent kingdom, the Dutch sought to make amends by preserving its unique culture.  They opened it to tourism in 1914, and by the 1930s it had a widespread reputation as an aesthetic and sexually tolerant paradise.  Consequently, foreign boy-lovers, especially those of an artistic temperament were drawn there.  The World's Last Island of Innocence is a vivid description of its charms by English journalist and boy-lover Michael Davidson, who visited it thrice in 1950. 

Writing about boy prostitution in their Boys for Sale (1969), Drew and Drake referred to Davidson's account and added (p. 137):

In Bali, and in other parts of Indonesia, it was no disgrace for a boy to make himself sexually available. ... Recently, however, many of the boys of Bali were wiped out in purges.

Brothels in Bali were often rural inns near a city. They had boy waiters who were especially skilled in arousing the patrons sexually. One Westerner reported, “I could hardly tell where the dance ended and the intercourse began.” The boys were often considerably older than similar boys to be found elsewhere — ranging in age from 17 through 21 though they frequently looked as young as 13 to European eyes.

Boys probably continue to be easily available today but it is difficult for Indonesians, themselves, to patronize them because of the tense political situations of this decade. Without native assistance, it would difficult, if not impossible, for a foreigner to arrange commerce with boys now.

The Diaries of Donald Friend, IV, covering the years 1966 to 1988, is an Australian pederastic artist's account of his life there in a house he filled with houseboys.